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mystery SAL.. here I come!

seeing the end of the Holly & Hearts Sampler, I was kind of sad not to have another piece I had to finish before a certain deadline (which I seem unable to set by myself). today the answer to my worries came in the form of Niky Farrauto aka Nikyscreations, Lilli Violette and Lizzie Kate. both three designers recently announced a Mystery SAL.. my very fist SAL will be a mysterious one,  better said three!

at least, I hope I’ll be able to follow Lizzie Kate in her new project (theme is Halloween!), for I have no idea how to get the parts of the SAL, which if I got it right will be kitted up and made available at LNS.. how I wish I had one..!

anyways, the other two options are far more easy to follow: I’ve already received the first step of both SALs, put some stitches on Niky’s (it won’t be complete until I get the 2 shades of DMC I don’t have already in my stash.. darn it) and must say her chart has been a real pleasure.. so delicate and intriguing.. I wonder what will appear next time.. – I’ll get the answer via mail by the 3rd of June..

I’m stitching this piece on a lovely cut of Graziano linen 32ct. Siena (colour’s called Panna). how I love this fabric.. I had everything kitted up, I went downstairs to iron the linen, and realized I still had a washing machine cargo to deliver to the clotheshorse.. what a big mistake. I’ll have (among other things) dry panties tomorrow morning, that was the plan, but this little detour made me forget the project’s instructions said stitch over two using one ply of thread.. now I’m almost done with the first step and I might have to frog the entire piece..! aaargh!

I really like the way it looks, anyways.. I hope Niky will understand.. it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the panties..! 😀

Lilli Violette listed DMC threads in her project too.. but I got the permission to change them into hand-dyed, as well as adopting a different fabric. my choice is a white 28ct. Vaupel & Heilenbeck linen band. every time I stitch a small piece, I try the different linen bands produced in Wuppertal – Germany.

if you’re interested in learning a bit on the subject, this is a nice post Elena from Casa Cenina wrote after she met a real master of linens, Mr. Klein.

this is my palette for Lilli Violette’s project: WDW Honeysuckle, Begonia, Hunter, Sweetheart Rose; GAST Cameo Pink, Blue Jay.

there’ll be drawings in September at the end of both SALs, with prizes for each winner.. good luck stitchers! 🙂

– – –

keep following the grey tail

have a nice day



4 thoughts on “mystery SAL.. here I come!

    1. un complimento da te Manuela vale almeno doppio! 😀
      e torna indietro perché da quando sei su CC contribuisci alla lunghezza (infinita) della mia wishlist..! quest’estate la passerò anche sui tuoi alberi di natale, che mi piacciono tantissimo ..casomai ti trovassi a corto di model stitchers..! 😉
      torna quando vuoi.. il blog ha solo un paio di giorni, ma è in via di espansione..
      buon weekend e buone xxx!


      1. Cara Chiara, sei stata gentilissima, se ti va mandami il tuo indirizzo mail, ogni tanto pubblico qualche free e se vuoi posso mandarteli. A proposito di alberi sto lavorando a tutta una serie di nuovi disegni per Natale … alberi compresi. Aspetto con ansia di vedere le tue realizzazioni. Buona domenica


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