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bunny scissors and detours

I had the entire Amadeus stitch finished yesterday evening, how nice it looked. I filled myself with pride, and went to bed relaxed and satisfied. first thing this morning I had to frog the entire thing, for I placed it one thread below its area.. that was (pretty disappointing) but the right thing to do.. I managed to mess up the geometry of the whole piece in one move. one hell of a skill, if you ask me.

this means I didn’t finish H&H Sampler today as planned, luckily I still have enough time to find this delay nothing but a little detour.

on the other hand, many things seem to work smoothly: I’ve found a place to stay during the Festa del Ricamo (btw my first time in Tuscany! :)), very very kind owner, lovely rooms and not pricy at all.. I bet all the spared money won’t leave Tuscany anyways.

then I received a mail from Casa Cenina telling me my package’d been sent today: knowing their efficiency and the delivery guy I’ll be opening it by tomorrow at noon. 😀

I’ll finally be able to finish my homework for the Mystery SALs, and another monthly goal gets fulfilled.. what a good feeling, for once.

there’s another good thing, Nicoletta aka Nikyscreations came out with some new black scissors, so beautiful in their simplicity.. is it me or the handle part does resemble two rabbit’s long ears?

can’t wait to add the “bunny scissors” to my scissor frog.. 😀

– – –

follow the grey tail anytime your want

have a nice week



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