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making assignments

finally the first part of Niky‘s Mystery SAL Al Castello is finished (not that I had a lot to do, anyways.. but when you find that two out of five called for threads in the project are precisely the two colours you still don’t have in the DMC collection, waiting for them to arrive is kind of unnerving)

you can still join the SAL, just mail her at for the details, her blog shows pictures of other pieces, together with infos about the contest (e.g. can I take part even if I won’t be in Italy for the Fili senza tempo event? – answer is yep! :D)

stitched on 32ct. Graziano Siena linen (colour Panna) using called for DMC threads

btw, I forgot to say that Nicoletta understood my unconscious diversion, so I’m stitching this 2 over 2

as this first step gets crossed out, I’ve placed the first stitches on Lilli Violette‘s SAL

I’ve chosen a white 28ct. linen band with natural polka dots from Vaupel & Heilenbeck.. it is so soft and regular I wish I could stitch every single project on V&H’s bands..

(perhaps that’s why I’ve kitted up enough cuts of this fabric to last me the entire summer..)

I haven’t put aside H&H Sampler of course, I coped with the little (not so little..) detour and got real progress on this piece, but I won’t take a picture until the bottom is completely stitched and beaded. then all that’ll be left is the upper section, which is rolled up on the scroll and therefore hasn’t seen a bead yet.. but I managed to add as many as I could, so completing it shouldn’t take long..

I’m amazed by the concentration of stitches in this project: Sandra Cox Vanosdall managed to squeeze tons of backstitch, a few cross stitches, 257 beads, 21 paillettes and at least 6 different speciality stitches in 17 x 35 cm, giving the piece such grace and delicacy that stitching it is a real pleasure. thank you Sandra, you made it way easier than it looks.

– – –

thank you for following the grey tail,

happy xxx



4 thoughts on “making assignments

    1. me too Gracie, me too!
      I like this linen so much.. bought a stock the moment I saw it 😀 it’s pretty hard to find, even in Italy..
      welcome to the grey tail, drop in anytime you want.. and please, give Zoe a big hug! 🙂


    1. Manka that’s wonderful news 😀
      write me using the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes). ..thank you!
      Niky’s project is really intriguing, I can’t wait to see what’s next
      don’t forget to check out other SALs going on at Lilli Violette, Lizzie Kate and Le crocette di Manu aka The Shop Around the Corner (just posted about a Christmas SAL!)
      it’ll be a SAL summer, no doubt about this! 😀
      thank you for following the tail 🙂


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