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SAL contagion

this summer gets more and more intriguing by the day.. Manuela aka The Shop Around the Corner has suffered from the SAL contagion, and decided to start a Christmas themed project.. you can join by mailing her at ..and don’t forget to visit her blog!

these are the details she gave me so far: the three designs will be published worldwide in November, therefore joining the SAL means we’ll get a great (and free!) preview on what she’s been working on so far 😀

there will be three parts, released every 45 days, this means it’ll run along all summer.. and by the end of it we’ll find ourselves with three ornaments finished already.. not bad at all!

the beginning is May 15th, with one of her lovely Christmas trees (stitching count is about 110H x 60W). no limits to what we’ll stitch this on: threads and fabric of our choice.. I just can’t wait to receive the chart in my mail, choose my palette and get busy with the needle! 😀

the other projects will have similar stitching areas, and nothing too complicated so everyone can join.. send the word, it’s go go SAL! 😀

yesterday, while adding the last beads on H&H sampler, the postman left an envelope in my letterbox.. aren’t’ they the bunniest scissors ever made?!

Nicoletta has been so fast with the shipping! I’m impressed! (there are new woolen “bunny scissors” this rate I’ll need another frog by the end of the year.. and a new, full, bank account!)

and this is a preview of what I’m working on.. with those beautiful silks you saw in my last stash supply

I chose this project in order to  follow the monthly suggestions from Theme-a-liciuos (about time! almost half of the month has already gone!)

May Memories

Remember when you took that class? Or decided to commemorate that event? And then abandoned your poor WIP? Take a stroll down memory lane by working on it again.

now, I’m stretching to the limit this month’s direction.. this is a project I’ve left aside due to lack of silks.. but it has nothing to do with memories in the slightest!

the design is my own adaptation of the Quaker Holly by The Workbasket.. I like this use of Tattersall so much, I want to make seasonal ornaments with it.. I’ve changed the shape of leaves and flowers in order to get spring and summer versions on a white Graziano linen, while the autumn one you can see in the picture is stitched on a cut of 28 ct. Natural/Bordeaux Riviera linen

– – –

keep following the grey tail,

it’s lovely to see viewers from far far away too.. I had my first Aussie the other day..! happy xxx down under! 😀

and above, left, right, north, south, east, west, horizontally, vertically, diagonally.. (could go on like this for hours..)

see you around,



3 thoughts on “SAL contagion

  1. That will be lovely once it is done! And I think it fits with May Memories…part of the fun of Theme-a-licious is trying to “justify” how your favorite project fits into the theme. =)


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