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sewing mother’s day away

first of all, happy mother’s day!

I thought it’d be nice to spend this day with my mom, taking out her old sewing machine, chatting (read arguing mostly :)) while cleaning it, collecting all the pieces she managed to place all around the house (this is so my mom)


she used this only a couple of times, then messed up with the bobbin and had to call to get the entire machine repaired.. since then, back in 1997, it has been dusting in our garage

I spent the entire afternoon after this Singer and I must confess I’m beginning to like it.. at first I was determined to take out my grandmother’s antique black Singer.. but I have no idea where to place it, therefore I’ll keep it safe in the box room until I figure this out

all in all it’ll be nice to learn how to sew on this very practical machine (which really stands by the name Feather Weight), plus I’m so very happy I don’t have to buy a new one, but get to use one that’s already part of the family 😀

on the stitching front, I’ve had only a few hours this morning to work on what I’ve called Autumn Quaker ..I’m using a 28ct. Riviera Graziano linen with Gloriana silks of my own choice

I’ve changed The Workbasket‘s Quaker Christmas Holly in order to fit all seasons, and I just can’t wait to see what the spring and summer will look like, I can hear the silk sirens call.. 😀

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thank you for stopping by

keep following the grey tail,


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