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I’m frantically working on my Seasonal Quaker ornaments project.. I really need to clear the way for all the SALs going on! 😀

first of all, yesterday evening I received the first part of Manuela‘s Waiting for Christmas SAL.. it’s a wonderful tree I’m planning to stitch more than once on different cuts of linen using red, blue, green silks.. my plan is to make wall hangings or pillows I’ll give as Christmas presents (finally! I always plan to stitch presents.. but dramatically run out of time)

you can still join, just mail her at

then, I’m happy to inform you I finally managed to join Lizzie Kate’s Mystery Club! I purchased the all-inclusive offer at BushMountain Stitchery & Framing, as their offer is really convenient for us in the Old Continent.. shipping costs for the other 2 charts are less than 3 euros each.. unbelievable! 😀

what I’ve called the “all-inclusive” offer actually means you get: the 3 charts, WDW’s fabric cut for the main piece, 3 smaller cuts of WDW linen in order to make bonus ornaments (each part of the sampler comes with a bonus chart for an ornament), 19 WDW’s threads needed to stitch the main piece, as well as those for the 3 ornaments.. all this in mysterious colour choices.. I just can’t wait till I get the first part! 😀

I really hope I won’t have to wait the usual month in order to get a package from the States.. and the problem is not the journey from the States to Italy, it’s the Italian postal service that takes forever.. INSANE! if you ask me..

anyways, this is the release schedule:

27 June – first part

27 July – second part

27 August – third part

I’ve chosen the called for 30ct. linen, but there are other options: 35ct. WDW fabric,  14ct. or 16 ct. Aida

everything else about the project is still mysterious, but I’ve heard there will be all the traditional Halloween motifs.. the owl, blackbird, candy corn, pumpkin, sunflower, black cat, acorn, haunted house and many many leaves!

last but not least there’s the giveaway you don’t want to miss.. trust me, the more I read about what the Festa del Ricamo offers, the more I see the budget rise.. (I’ll have to review my shopping list, no doubt about that.. but as for now, I’m allowing myself to think I’ll buy any thing I want.. :D)

remember to post comments for the giveaway  on THIS post (where this means the linked one, not this very post I’m writing in right now.. :D)

– – –

thank you for stopping by,

and don’t be afraid to join the giveaway! 😀

todos podem participar no sorteio!

mindenki részt vehet a giveaway!

tout le monde peut participer à la loterie!

кожен може взяти участь в піддавки!

ο καθένας μπορεί να συμμετέχει!

todo el mondo puede participar en el sorteo!

(yes, I’ve been playing with google translator.. ;))

happy xxx,



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