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it’s a gift-away party!

now, the first thing I have to do is thank Edgar from Blacksheep’s Bits of the Web for writing about me in his post was really nice of him, and it did help HUUUUGELY in letting people know about this gift-away (as he rightfully named it)

secondly, I really have to thank you all for joining.. I love to read your comments, and thank you again for the compliments 🙂

welcome to the new visitors from Greece, Canada, Portugal, Hungary, Spain, Netherlands and Australia.. and welcome back to all the others, it’s always a pleasure having you here

on the stitching front, I’ve talked a lot about stitching yesterday (without having any real stitches done.. my bad.. by this time I should know when it’s the right time for a good chat with a needle in my hands at the same time..)

anyways, I managed to finish the Autumn Quaker, and I’m very pleased with the result

now I’ll start the Spring Quaker, which will have little berries instead of acorns, but similar flowers.. stitched with a totally different palette of course 🙂 on another cut of Graziano linen.. I just can’t wait to see how this project develops!

also, I got to use the sewing machine.. and this is the result.. 🙂

it still needs the cord on all sides, as well as a hanging loop.. but I’m really pleased  with this first attempt at the little Singer.. there are a few pieces I have to buy for mom left this darling machine in terrible conditions.. moms.. 😀

now as this picture might suggest you, it’s time for me to part from my H&H Sampler.. I’ll meet it again at the Festa del Ricamo and bring it back home Sunday 3rd June.. I know it’ll be in really good hands, knowing Casa Cenina‘s staff personally, still.. it’s a little sad to say goodbye (even if just for a while) after so many months of love & hate.. 🙂

bye bye sampler.. have a nice trip to Tuscany!

this is it for today,

don’t forget about the gift-away (comments on THIS post) and don’t worry if you don’t see your comment published immediately, I have to approve them one by one so it takes a while.. (better said, it’ll take a while until I get myself an iPhone.. :))

– – –

thank you again for coming,

the gift-away is opened to everyone!

todos podem participar no sorteio!

mindenki részt vehet a gift-away!

tout le monde peut participer à la loterie!

кожен може взяти участь в піддавки!

ο καθένας μπορεί να συμμετέχει!

todo el mondo puede participar en el sorteo!

iedereen kan deelnemen aan de gift-away!

happy xxx,



2 thoughts on “it’s a gift-away party!

  1. Your Christmas ornament is lovely! I just received a sewing maching for my birthday and I haven’t used one since I was in school. I’m going to have to spend some time reviewing things before I can put it to use!


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