frogs (and laughs)

this is a really grumpy post, sorry, but I had to frog and I simply detest frogging silks..

in the urge of stitching the first pink flower on the Spring Quaker I misplaced it two fabric threads to the right.. (I realized this only when the flower was completely stitched, of course)

the entire geometry of the piece was compromised, so it simply had to go.. after some snarling, stitching the flower in its right place was quite out of the question.. so I decided to start a piece a friend of mine is terribly enthusiastic about..

I told you I had a chatty afternoon the other day, well.. of all the projects I have kitted up (and trust me, I had so many I borrowed Mary Poppins’ bag) this is the one she found most intriguing.. for black fabric is involved.. as well as spooky stuff, spiders and silver fibers.. you’ll see..

until then, thank you for following the tail every day, it’s nice to have you around.. and don’t forget to join the gift-away in THIS post.. I’ve already chosen a few things and booked them as Casa Cenina is going to witness a real pitch invasion of stitchers..

sidenote: this site made my day (and I completely forgot about the frog) Funny Exam ..have fun! 😀

– – –

the gift-away is opened to everyone!

todos podem participar no sorteio!

mindenki részt vehet a gift-away!

tout le monde peut participer à la loterie!

кожен може взяти участь в піддавки!

ο καθένας μπορεί να συμμετέχει!

todo el mondo puede participar en el sorteo!

iedereen kan deelnemen aan de gift-away!

happy xxx,


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