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a sad hermit weekend

it has been my first IHSW, and a strange one too.. all the bad news about the bombs and the earthquake kept me glued to the news, while stitching, but definitely not enjoying it as I thought I would

taking a break from things I find hard to understand anyways, this is what I’ve been stitching

I’ve changed the legs of the spider on Spooky Time

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I have a note on this, I got the chance to use DMC Diamant thread (a new version of their metallic fibers) and I must say it works better than the old ones, which frayed way too easily..

then I finally got back to Vaupel & Heilenbeck‘s bands, this is a 28ct. striped one stitched with GAST, to which I’ll add a JABC heart button and Sabine Rossi aka Oeil2cha delicious biscuits buttons..

another thing I need to keep up with is the TUSAL report.. I started collecting ORTs last July, and still haven’t decided what to do with them: go on until December, empty it and start over in July, keep going on until the poor glass shatters, .. no idea..

– – –

thank you for following the grey tail, it’s always nice to see you around

don’t forget to join the gift-away in THIS post..

the gift-away is opened to everyone!

todos podem participar no sorteio!

mindenki részt vehet a gift-away!

tout le monde peut participer à la loterie!

кожен може взяти участь в піддавки!

ο καθένας μπορεί να συμμετέχει!

todo el mondo puede participar en el sorteo!

iedereen kan deelnemen aan de gift-away!

kylkiäinen avataan kaikille!

Подарявам е отворена за всички!

Is féidir le gach duine páirt a ghlacadh!

happy xxx,



5 thoughts on “a sad hermit weekend

    1. it’s a recent discovery for me as well Heather, I wrote about them in a post somewhere.. it’s amazing how they produce the finest bands I’ve worked with, using ancient wooden looms.. and the designs are just great.. you’ll see more in the next few weeks.. 😀
      I find myself ordering fabric and fibers from all over the world, especially the States for they dye such delightful products I simply cannot resist.. but I feel so lucky I’m close enough to Germany as well.. Vaupel & Heilenbeck are just great! 😀
      Gracie, I’m stitching the last xxx right now.. unfortunately I don’t have the biscuit button I want to add.. so it won’t be completely finished until I come back from the Festa del Ricamo.. which won’t be long anyways..! 😉
      Minnie, that’s a good idea! thank you! I was thinking about gifting them to the birds.. if they like my colour choice..! 😀


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