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Christmas stitches (already??!)

I’ve been working on a few ornaments these days, and I’m happy to say I’m almost done with the stitching part on all of them.. as for the finishing, my excuse is I’ve run out of filling, and I can’t go on until I come home from Tuscany with a new supply (lame excuse, I know)

anyways, this means I’ll finally get to start one of the most interesting projects of all summer.. I’ve been stashing for this lately, and spent yesterday morning measuring, checking, double checking, triple checking, cutting, sewing, .. and now I have everything kitted up for this Christmas project

now I won’t tell you what it’s going to look like once finished (or should I say they are finished), but I assure you the picture I have in mind is a really really cool one.. 😀

I’ll also add The Shop Around The Corner‘s Waiting for Christmas SAL to the project, as it fits perfectly (at least I’ll make it fit.. ;)) ..btw entries are still open 🙂

these are pics from the last Lizzie Kate freebies I finished, stitched on V&H polka dotted bands using the called for GAST and WDW threads, JABC buttons and LK’s charm pack

it’s thundery here in north-east Italy (bad weather is to blame for these dark pictures) and I’m planning to work with those lovely silks you saw up above, and since I know many of you will enjoy a long weekend (happy Memorial day Yankees! ;)) I have a suggestion movie wise speaking, The Perfect Host (2010) with an amazing David Hyde Pierce (can you believe I used to watch Frasier as a kid?! :))

– – –

welcome to all the new viewers, welcome back to all the others y sobre todo bienvenidos a todos los Ecuadoreños! 😀

thank you for stopping by and all the kind comments and compliments, don’t forget about the gift-away entry HERE ..and hurry up! it’ll be over in a week! 😀

happy xxx,



5 thoughts on “Christmas stitches (already??!)

  1. Your Lizzie*Kate pieces are so cute!! I love those Christmas colors! I signed up for the Waiting for Christmas SAL!! I’m not exactly sure of the “rules” though…I know I need to put the graphic on my blog but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post pictures. And will it be one big design or many small ones? Sorry, but my Italian is non-existent!! =D


    1. thank you Heather! 🙂
      don’t worry about the Italian issue, all you have to do is mail Manuela ( saying you want to take part in the SAL.. she’ll send you a PDF with the chart and some info on the piece she stitched (area, fabric and floss choice) ..but it’s really up to you to decide which colours and count you like best.. as you can see I’m stitching it in 3 colours, when the chart shows it in monochrome
      this first part of the SAL consists in a little Christmas tree, the other two will have similar size, but no idea about the motive 😀
      the schedule of the release is every 45 days, so there’s plenty of time.. and the only other thing you have to do now that you’ve added the banner to your blog, and wrote about it, is to post a picture of your finished project before June 30th
      she’s created a Yahoo group for the participants so that we all can share pics (bloggers and nonbloggers), in case you want to snoop around 😀


    1. lo so! oggi ho una giornata campale, devo scappare.. ma ho già iniziato il SAL di Manu e chissà che stasera non riesca a postare qualche aggiornamento..! 😀
      buone xxx e grazie ancora per i complimenti e per la mail!
      a presto,


  2. Ciao Chiara,complimenti per i tuoi lavori,hai il turbo ago^_^
    POsso chiederti come hai intenzione di assemblarli?!!!se non sono troppo curiosa ovviamente..


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