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the frog, the cat and the hoover

yesterday’s stitching session has shared planet Alderaan‘s faith.. not a single stitch survived..

and what is worse, I still haven’t found a solution to the problem.. I’ve decided to stitch two versions (for now) of The Shop Around The Corner Waiting for Christmas SAL, one with the silks I’ve shown you, the other with an amazing thread from Weeks Dye Works’ Holiday Collection, called Santa Claus.. now this floss looks great, really, but I’m having to deal with the sudden change of shade in the middle of a row of stitches.. and after too much stitching-perplexity-frogging-stitching-perplexity-frogging in a loop.. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do with this.. (traaAAAsh it are the words appearing like ghosts in my mind, but I promise I won’t give up, one way or another I’ll win The Shades.. :D)

 the rest of the day has gone in a snap, after a visit to the post office (where, assuming none of my ghosts followed me that far, another earthquake made things fall down from the shelves.. now, I’m seriously worried about the situation, for I’ve been someone who never felt an earthquake in her entire life until last Sunday, and now I’m feeling small but almost daily shakes..)
of course all my worries are concentrated on the epicenter and surrounding areas, I have friends who live there, and the devastation brought to many historical buildings deeply saddens me.. Italy is a seismic endangered country, we all knew it, but north- east areas hadn’t experienced anything like this since mid ‘700 or 1570..
on a happier note, I managed to shop for those Singer pieces I needed, and now have proper machine sewing needles, extra bobbins, oil for the mechanical parts I had to clean up thoroughly on Mother’s Day
my first project will be a nice cover for the sewing machine itself, the plastic one it came with got yellowish and spotty (but it’ll still be useful as a model for the new, both colourful and washable one :D)
last but not least, the old pal had a close encounter of the vacuum type.. poor thing.. mom came home with one of those new hoovering contraptions, that move around the place collecting dust, hair and whatever else they find in their way..
well, the old lad was sleeping cozily when this UFO crawled along, and in less than a sec he was wide awake, shadowing it at safety distance, looking at mysteriously moving curtains, jogging between chairs, tracking the thing down when it finally headed towards him, scaring the hell out of his big furry ass..
poor lad, he’s been panting for a good half hour, watching suspiciously every technological object ever since.. what could hide behind an innocent plug, battery charger, TV remote? modern devilries if you ask him..
didn’t you have BROOMS for that??
don’t worry, he got extra care for the rest of the day.. and night.. 🙂
– – –
thank you for following the grey tail, don’t forget to enter the gift-away HERE, next Friday we’ll have a winner!
btw, there’s another gift-away going on at To Stitch or Not to Stitch, where Barbara prepared a bountiful gift set in order to celebrate the stitching sisterhood.. she did an amazing job, DON’T MISS IT! 🙂
have a nice day,

5 thoughts on “the frog, the cat and the hoover

  1. I hate it when a project tries to get the best of me! I am sure eventually you will get it sorted. The poor lad, glad he got some extra attention. Things will never be the same! lol Have a great weekend and stay safe….


    1. I guess I’ve found a way to fix it.. but I’ll have to buy two more WDW shades at the Festa del Ricamo next week in order to match Santa Claus
      it’s going to look great, I can tell, but as for now I need a break in order to forget all the frogging on this piece.. I wasted so much floss I felt my gastritis back at the door.. 😉
      have a nice weekend too Gracie! say hi to Zoe, Muriel and Mr H! 😀


  2. I have not been watching news shows for the longest time so I am not aware of the earthquakes except from your blog and Giovanna’s blog…..I am praying for your safety, your friends safety and for all the historical places (which I guess is the whole of Italy). Hope things return to normal soon! That Santa Claus thread sounds interesting…I am going to go google it now to see what it looks like. Have a great weekend!


    1. now that I come to think of it.. I have it in one of the pics from my latest stash supply.. in case you want to have fun spotting it..! 😀
      Where’s Waldo Santa Claus? 😉


  3. poor kitty. I wonder what my ferret would do with one of those. Stay safe with the Earthquakes. That’s one natural disaster I don’t want to experience. I like your other pieces from your last blog post too. I guess after the hoover the kitty really did need a hug.


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