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it’s coming, it’s coming.. PARTYTIME!

it took me forever to finish this little tree, so many things got in the way, with plans for the weekend to make, .. but finally it’s done!

stitched on 28ct. Natural Zweigart linen using Gloriana threads

this is the first part of The Shop Around The Corner‘s Waiting for Christmas SAL, entries are still open in case you want to play with this chart too 😀 ..just mail Manuela at and she’ll send you the first pattern in PDF

I stitched this on a 28ct. Natural Zweigart linen, using Gloriana silks (Poinsettia, Holiday Green and Winter White) ..Manuela’s chart came with monochrome motifs, I changed it a little in order to make it fit the finishing I’m planning to give to many other little trees I’ll make during the I told you it’s a really cool project.. I just can’t wait to see the first done! 😉

unfortunately I have to wait till the Festa del Ricamo (Feast of Embroidery) to get more filling, so no real finishing on this project until the first week on June..

talking about the Festa, can you believe it’s THIS Saturday I’m leaving for Arezzo??! I’ve been waiting for this moment to come for months and months, and now it has finally come! 🙂

I have a shopping list in Textedit I keep on editing, adding, changing quantities, deleting, adding again, .. ah! 😀

but don’t worry about the gift-away.. I’ve been thinking through and through, and what I’ve decided it’s a must have has already been put into a box for me as a pick & pay order from Casa Cenina‘s staff.. they’re getting ready for us to arrive from 10 o’clock Saturday morning.. and I bet many of them won’t sleep much the night before..!

the event will last until Sunday, with the partnership of DMC, Prym, Zweigart, Premax, Gütermann and Riolis ..there’ll be CasaCenina’s warehouse I’ll finally see in person (they crossed the finish line of 60,000 items back in 2009.. no idea where they got by now! ;)) and of course there’ll be the samplers from The Sampler of your Life contest! it’s going to be such a stitching party!

here you can see a corner of their headquarters, which will have a room for fabrics, next to the one dedicated to the sampler display, nice gazebos in the garden for special partners’ products, tables covered with typical Tuscan food I just can’t wait to taste, the warehouse.. (can you tell I’m excited about this?! :D)

last but not least, there’re new viewers from Japan I’m happy to welcome..


(yes, google translator again..!)

and the gift-away you can join in THIS post, which is coming to an end.. you have time until June 1st to add your name to the list

the gift-away is opened to everyone!


todos podem participar no sorteio!

mindenki részt vehet a gift-away!

tout le monde peut participer à la loterie!

кожен може взяти участь в піддавки!

ο καθένας μπορεί να συμμετέχει!

todo el mondo puede participar en el sorteo!

iedereen kan deelnemen aan de gift-away!

kylkiäinen avataan kaikille!

Подарявам е отворена за всички!

Is féidir le gach duine páirt a ghlacadh!

– – –

thank you for following the tail

happy xxx,



5 thoughts on “it’s coming, it’s coming.. PARTYTIME!

  1. bellissimo il ricamo, è venuto davvero bene, e anche i colori e gli abbinamenti che hai scelto sono belli belli..
    o la Toscana..mi è rimasta nel cuore, tanto relax, cibo favoloso, forse a fine mese di giugno ci faccio un salto, ma chissà..spero davvero.
    un abbraccio


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