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the tree and the quake

a little post, mostly on the earthquake related events of this morning..

I was writing a mail, sitting on the sofa, when I felt everything rattling around me.. it took me a sec to go outside, in the garden, barefooted, in my pyjamas with the laptop still in my hands..

it was the first time I felt a real tremor, and a pretty bad one too.. as strong as the one which caused so much damage Sunday 20th, tearing down historical buildings, sheds, houses, people’s safety, ..

all I can say is that I hope we had our share of disasters and that’s it.

as I watched the news and kept in contact with some friends living/working in the surrounding areas, I resumed working on another version of Manuela‘s Waiting for Christmas SAL part 1.. this time on a 28ct. Zweigart Confederate Grey linen, using the (in)famous Santa Claus thread from WDW’s Holiday Collection.. I finally found my way around the shades and got a result I have to say I’m really pleased with

a little note on this particular floss, it has been discontinued from Weeks Dye Works ..this means you’ll be able to find it in shops for a limited time only, as they won’t dye it anymore.. I’m getting some this weekend in Tuscany, as I really like it

– – –

keep on following the tail, it’s nice to have you here

take care


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7 thoughts on “the tree and the quake

  1. I am so glad to hear that you are alright and your home has not sustained any damage. I have felt some tremors but nothing as strong as what you felt. It can be quite frightening!

    Your stitching is lovely! It’s too bad that they’re discontinuing that floss but perhaps they’ll come out with an even nicer one!


  2. Good to hear you are okay with the quakes so near. I just got the PDF for the sal and hope to start it this weekend….. and it is all your falut that I am doing another project! lolo….stay safe….


    1. thank you all for your kind comments..
      Lynn, luckily there are still a few yards around the world so those who can’t resist Santa Claus can stash it.. 🙂
      Gracie hahahaha!! 😀
      all I can say is hahahaha!! 😀
      Manuela’s project is contagiously pretty, and offers so many possibilities in terms of fiber/fabric combinations.. you’ll love it..


  3. I noticed on the news this morning that there were more tremors in your area…I am so sorry to hear that. How scary. I can’t even imagine. I am glad you checked in to let us know you are okay….glad you had your current project to keep your sanity. Sending hugs!


  4. !!! I’ve heard about the earth quakes on the news 😦 I just recently returned from the Bologna region back to Canada so my heart is still in Italy. I’ve heard that there was quite a bit of damage in Ferrara and to the Castello too 😦 😦 😦 I hope all is well in your area!!!!

    The cake in your most recent post looks AMAZING!!!! perhaps you could share the recipe with me???? My email is

    I absolutely love the Christmas floss you are using here!

    Ciaooooo 🙂



  5. lo ribadisco anche qui il tuo alberello è “spaziale”! il prossimo schema è quasi pronto, ma ti scriverò una mail per un consiglio spudorato 😉
    Buona giornata


    1. ma quanto buona sei!! 😀
      chiedi tutto quello che vuoi Manu, nessun problema! anzi.. aspetta solo di vedere cosa diventeranno i tuoi alberelli.. una bomba pazzesca! 😀
      dai che arriva il nuovo schema, che bello! grazie!


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