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raise your caffelatte for the monthly goals slam!

so here we are folks!

last call for the gift-away entries, for the Festa del Ricamo shopping list editing, for things to get packed, camera’s battery to get charged, stitching things to be kitted up.. I’m leaving for Tuscany!! 😀

the thing is I’ll be leaving very early on Saturday morning, but tomorrow will be a pretty busy day (I’ve postponed too many things for too long, as usual) so I want to see everything packed and ready to leave by tonight..

I had the worse nighttime last night, with mom waking me up for printing issues (yes, printing issues, and don’t say a word about this..), a thunderstorm (I usually like, but considering all the disasters going on recently I was half asleep thinking just what we needed..!), the cat who insists to get out and take a wee very night at 5 am.. (honestly!)

oh well, enough of this whining.. my lovely sis is making me the best caffelatte right now, and everything will be fine, guaranteed.. (thank you Elena, you’re truly lifesaving)

I have a nice movie I want to recommend, as the weekend approaches, and you might have time to enjoy the amazing Meryl Streep in one of her recent movies Julie & Julia (2009) ..I’m kind of a cooking addicted myself, and I plan to add some cooking sides to this blog ..but for now, let me show you what I’m known for..

it’s a spelt flour cake, with fruits of the forest filling and icing sugar..

as Julia Child would say boon appetit! 😀

– – –

stitching has been kind of frantic these days, so I have no decent progress to show.. but I’ve been playing with crayons yesterday and did some sketching on the seasonal quaker project I have going on.. definitely will be stitching different flowers on the Summer Quaker ornament! 😉

now a few details on the gift-away: it closes tonight at midnight (I’ll wait till it’s midnight everywhere around the world, promised!) and you can enter by adding a comment on THIS post.. it’s opened to everyone in every country, still if you’re not leaving a mail or blog where I can contact you, please make sure you stop by tomorrow after the drawing to see who wins.. in any case you can contact me use the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes).

there’s another delightful gift-away on the run, Melissa‘s at St. John’s Stitcher & Life’s Little Pleasures ..don’t miss it! 😀

last but not least, thank you for your kind comments, they’re all more than welcome! 🙂

I just can’t WAIT to leave for Tuscany and show you all the good stuff I’ll bring home with me!

btw, I don’t know if I told you, but “The Sampler of Your Life” contest has prizes too.. 😉 300 euros for the first placed, 200 euros to the second, 100 euros to the third in gift-vouchers + a special award from the jury (you can read more about it in my very first post :))

– – –

since this is the end of the month (and the very first month of the grey tail on the blogosphere too) I have a few stitching goals to cash up, and next month’s to set.. let’s see..

Theme-a-licious said May Memories and I totally missed this one.. I mean, I resumed working on projects I’ve been stashing for since last February, but that’s it..! pretty lame if you ask me!


✓ complete The Sweetheart Tree Holly & Hearts Sampler for “The Sampler of Your Life” contest (5/13)
• finish The Workbasket Quaker Holly (needs only the cord on the outside)
✓ get at least 3 seasonal ornaments done (stitched 4 Lizzie Kate‘s freebies)
✓ realize other seasonal versions of the Quaker Holly (I’ve already altered the original chart in order to create different leaves and flowers, chosen the silks and the fabric)
✓ finish part one of the two Mystery SALs Al Castello hosted by Nikyscreations and LilliViolette (5/12)
✓ finish part one of The Shop Around the Corner Waiting for Christmas SAL (5/28)

it wasn’t a bad month, after all.. (considering my main goal for this year is to finish all my WIPs, and none of this month’s stitches has been of any help, I messed up BADLY.. even so.. I had 6 goals, and 5 got fulfilled.. I like to look at it this way..! ;))

and if I have enough time this afternoon I might finish the Quaker Holly ornament and get everything crossed out.. (how cool is that?! ;))

– – –

thank you for following the grey tail, it’s nice to have you here

take care,



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