The Grey Tail

you’re just too good to be true..

oh my, oh my, OH MY! 😀

the Festa del Ricamo is even better than I thought (and mind I had pretty high expectations) ..I got such VIP treatment I can’t even tell how lucky I feel..

I spent the entire day chatting with Maria Concetta Ronchetti from Antichi Ricami, Afke Wullink Semplonius (chairman of the Dutch Sampler Society)  and the lovely Karin Kersten from Beardie Designs who spent the entire afternoon following me as I stashed, turning almost into my personal shopper, advising me, showing me the historical sampler she’s working on .. and tomorrow morning she’s also going to pick up silks with me for a little project I want to stitch while in Tuscany.. can you believe it?!

and you should see the room I’m sleeping in tonight.. let me just tell you there are two floors, a bathtub and a beautiful bedroom in the attic.. YAY!! 😀

and what about all the good stuff I’ve been eating and stashing, stashing and eating, all day long! it’s by far the greatest stitching event I’ve been to, I’ll definitely come back for the Saturdays at CasaCenina events..

I got the chance to enter their warehouse, explore it’s corners, shelves, looking at fibers, threads, charts, .. and I found a real treasure I’ll write you about tomorrow.. I really need to get some sleep now..

I’ll add a slideshow with some pics too, promised! 😀

– – –

goodnight stitchers,

thank you for stopping by and leaving such nice comments



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