the stitcher’s hangover

so here I am, back home, puffy eyed, looking at all the bags filled up with stuff.. still a little dizzy, in a did it really happen? phase..

I’ve seen so much, and talked even more.. Karin, Afke, Maria Concetta, they must all be fed up with me! 😀 for two days I’ve taken advantage of their time and patience.. chatting, getting to know a little more about what people like to stitch in Holland, how they do it, .. it’s always fun to learn more about stitching in different countries..

as I told you Afke Wullink Semplonius is chairwoman of the Dutch Sampler Society, where she hosts stitching classes with about a hundred students per year.. she brought huuuge photo albums with pictures of all the pieces her students worked on through the years.. impressive..

and another thing she took all the way from Holland was this incredibly edited book, Ütilite by Ellen Korth, which opens up and folds in such a smart way.. check it out.. it’s a must have 🙂

Maria Concetta Ronchetti from Antichi Ricami introduced us all to broderie suisse, an Italian version of traditional Swiss embroidery.. easy and terribly fun to play with..

and finally the sweet Karin Kersten from Beardie Designs, picked a selection of Needlepoint Inc. silks for a little project I have in mind.. can you imagine? having a designer as a personal shopper, hand picking silks for you?! HOLY GUACAMOLE! 😀

if it wasn’t for Casa Cenina‘s staff, this stitcher’s patch of heaven wouldn’t have been possible.. thank you, a gazillion times thank you

here are more pics from the Festa, many samplers from the contest, and last but not least the monster stash 😀


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I’m off planning and charting a funny project I came up with while in the Sala delle stoffe (Fabric Hall)

– – –

in the meantime thank you for the lovely comments, and keep on following the grey tail..

स्वागत new viewers! 😀

[for those of you who wondered where I’ve been staying while in Tuscany, it’s called La Corte dell’Oca, what a lovely place..]


6 thoughts on “the stitcher’s hangover

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a couple weeks now, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. I’m green with envy over your stitchy weekend. The event seems like a stitchers heaven. Maybe I’m out of the loop, but I can’t find any type of stitching events or groups where I live. I can’t wait to some more of your new projects 🙂


    1. thank you all for the sweet comments, really..
      I enjoy sharing my stitching time with you, especially when attending such events.. it was my first time at the Festa del Ricamo ..last year I missed classes with Marie-Thérèse Saint-Aubin, McKenna Ryan and Alessandra Caputo.. drooling all over myself looking at pics and videos on youtube.. telling myself NEVERMORE! 😀
      and this time I got to meet such nice designers, shopped from the warehouse, eating such good stuff, getting this VIP treatment I wouldn’t even have dreamed of..!
      honestly, it was a shock being back home to everyday life! 😉


  2. Oh, what a fabulous time you had!! I’m so happy it was a great weekend. Your “Waiting for Christmas” piece looks wonderful (I know that’s another post, but I wanted to mention it!) I need to get going on mine!


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