Mystery SAL Al Castello

these are strange days we’re living in today

Nicoletta from Nikyscreations released the second part of her Mystery SAL Al Castello yesterday evening, I printed it the moment I got home and stitched it today.. thank goodness I had something to do, since I got up to find out our local school has been taken to the cleaners.. camera is gone, documents and official papers trashed, money for swimming lessons vanished.. even the civic centre nearby has been emptied of the laptop and other few things..

the real damage was the mess and vandalism, with battered down doors and shelves.. I have no idea how the kids must have felt, realizing someone had broken into their place.. I mean, it’s a Kindergarden.. kiddos take it as the safest place after their bedrooms..

mom, who works there, is so upset.. when a country sees it’s public schools and buildings entered by thieves, you really start feeling something cracked in your society.. and this is just a small drop compared to the recent events..

I was driving through Emilia Romagna when the last big quake caught me Sunday evening, scaring the hell out of me.. I called friends and family in the area and luckily they’re fine.. but the mood is low, for big quakes never cease to shake houses, tents, towers which fall down like pins.. we’re not used to such seismic events, nor to have them last this long..

as I said, stitching helps detouring my thoughts from the sad times.. hence I’m going to start Lilli Violette‘s assignments..

take care all of you,

thank you for stopping by


9 thoughts on “these are strange days we’re living in today

  1. How sad it is that someone would do such a thing. Please take care with all the quakes happening around you. I love the SAL you are stitching….


  2. That’s so sad to hear. The theft is “understandable”, schools are an easy target with poor security but the vandalism is just mindless because that is what the children will see and will affect them. These people were children themselves once, what has happened to them that makes them behave like this?
    The only gpod that will come out f it is the fundraising the lical community will no doubt organise to repair and replace hte damaged items.


  3. To rob a kindergarten and destroy it!What next? I am so sorry for the people in Emilia Romana.I lived through the 1978 earthquake of Thessaloniki and I am scared of them. AriadnefromGreece!


  4. ohhh that is dreadful for the wee ones …. and sorry to hear you are still getting quakes …. only been in a couple of mild ones and they still were scary ….
    well done on the stitching front though 🙂 love mouse xxxx


  5. What a dreadful thing to happen, and on top of those horrible quakes as well. Keep safe and keep stitching your beautiful projects!


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