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cooking madness

a little break from stitches is in order.. it’s about time I start a new page on the blog dedicated to cooking.. and what better chance than my friend Laura’s birthday party?!

I’m in the mood for cooking, she needs help, so it’s a win win.. plus she’s reached her first quarter of a century 😉 ..what better way to celebrate it than cooking for her?!

it’s my little Julie & Julia project, 13 recipes in 2 days..! gosh! Chiara & La Cucina Italiana we go again! La Cucina Italiana is one of the best cooking mags in Italy, I buy it two or three times a year and never run out of ideas and recipes..

here is my grocery shopping.. get ready for some updates on the eating front! 😀

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happy xxx and bon appetite 🙂


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to all the new viewers from Norway and Belgium!


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