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wanna cook?

and here I am, 10 recipes later.. dead tired, right, but more than exhausted I’m happy for the way Laura enjoyed the party!

she liked all the things I cooked, basically only veggies as she asked me to, and the guests were pleased too.. (“we thought we were only having pizza..!”) I wasn’t the only one providing food for the party, of course, and I must say I’ve found some delicious stuff.. gee, I won’t feel hungry for days! 😀

Laura called me from time to time and we agreed on canceling a few things, as we realized we overestimated people’s belly capacity 😉 ..and this turned out to be truly lifesaving, as I barely made it in time to prepare everything in two days time..

considering I had to shop for food, and didn’t have 24h access to my kitchen I almost got crazy, speeding back and forth from tables to owen like Road Runner.. 😉

eventually I’s over, it was perfect, I’m pleased with everything I did, I won’t slice another veggie for weeks, and luckily won’t need to.. 😀

plus I’ll be able to go back to my beloved stitches..! finally!

here is the list of things I cooked, you’ll find recipes as well as pics in the brand new Wanna Cook? page.. for any question write me using the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes) ..enjoy!

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list of recipes for Laura’s party:

1. salsa di aglio ed erbe (garlic and herbs sauce)

2. insalata di pasta (pasta salad)

3. cuscus e crudità (cuscus and crudités)

4. maialini di sfoglia (puff pastry little pigs)

5. pannocchie saporite (savoury cobs)

6. torta salata alle verdure (veggie pie)

7. torta salata al tonno (tuna and veggie pie)

8. quadratini friabili alla ricotta e ortaggi (crumbly squares with ricotta cheese and veggies)

9. verdure al formaggio (cheese & veggies)

10. spiedini di frutta (fruit skewers)

– – –

thank you for following the tail, it’s always nice to have you around and read your lovely comments (which btw are not English-speaking only! don’t be afraid, I know a few languages.. and for all the rest there’s google translator! 😀)

welcome Turkish viewers, I’m so pleased the grey tail’s word map gets more and more colourful by the day! 😀

see you around,



4 thoughts on “wanna cook?

  1. Laura was quite happy about the feast… (she also said “non serve una laurea per fare l’insalata di riso” when I mentioned your comment). We came back yesterday and I kept saying to Jesse “I’d REALLY like to be there!” I bet it was all freaking delicious.


    1. ask our pot bellies.. there were some pregnant looking guys, you could tell..
      we’ll cook them together the first time you come around, don’t worry.. with Nicolino tasting a bit of everything!


    1. hehehe! 😀 thank you Kaye!
      I’m pleased with one or two cooking marathons a year though.. otherwise guess how quick gastritis would knock on my stomach’s door..! 😉


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