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back to stitches

this Sunday turned out quite rewarding..! 🙂

I did my homework for the other Mystery SAL Al Castello, Lilli Violette‘s project.. here is where I left it before the cooking madness, then the second step (just) completed..

I wonder what will happen next month! 🙂

I also had time to pack Edgar‘s gifts from the gift-away..  it took me a while, as I made the box as travel safe as possible.. I had a hard time picking Italian stuff that could travel that long, that doesn’t come in glass jars, that doesn’t weight tons, .. oh well.. I really hope he likes it anyways! 😀

btw, as a package leaves, many more are on their way here! 🙂

I just won a magazine Gracie from Needles Pins and Dragonflies bought twice and was so sweet to give away.. I asked for one of the three she had extra copies of, since I didn’t have any of them already.. there were two Cross Stitcher issues, #251 and #252, and one Just Cross Stitch ..they all look interesting.. I’ll get CS #252! YAY! my very first giveaway win!

grazie grazie grazie grazie mille Gracie! 🙂

and then I found out about the perfect SAL, you really have to check this out.. Les trois brodeuses drew a stunning chart (you can tell by the picture of the first part) for a project that will last 10 months!! 😀 fancy that! it’ll go on until March NEXT YEAR! 😀

each part will arrive as a PDF through emails, the chart is super clear, they really made sure we don’t get lost in such an big linen cut.. 🙂

the stitching area of the final project is 279W x 263H (the first step being 198W x  64H), they call for a Graziano Pronto Ricamo 38ct. linen, colour Greggio.. but since I find it pretty hard to find and want to start this asap I chose one of my fav Zweigart linens: 36ct. Edinburgh colour code 52.. [this, together with the threads, is getting processed by the amazing Casa Cenina‘s staff as I’m updating this post – Monday morning – ..they’re so fast I could get this in a couple of days..! now how cool is that?! 😀 thank you Paola!]

this surprise SAL is dream like, really.. you don’t need to keep up with the work every month, nor to send pictures of each step finished.. there’s no limit to the fabric/fibers choice.. complete freedom! 😀

what you should do in order to join is give the three stitchers (Franca, Sara and Laura) 10 euros through paypal, there are all the info on this page from their blog, but since it’s in Italian I’m writing you all you need to know here..

10 euros are a one time only payment, which gives you access to the 10 steps of the SAL Sorpresa 2 (Surprise SAL 2) as they called this lovely project.. charts will get sent on the first day of the month and you won’t know how the final project will look like until next March.. this is my ideal of a SAL, freedom to stitch and to stash, still having that mystery thing that keeps you motivated in stitching..

it’s comes in a nice size, and doing a little math, 10 euros is about 12,5USD/8£ ..a good deal for a project this big..

for any questions you want to ask them directly, this is their email: ..and don’t worry about the Italian issue, they’ll happily accept anyone from everywhere! 😀

[I really have to thank Irene, another Casa Cenina customer, who wrote me about this project.. I didn’t know these designers.. completely missed their charts with lovely houses, and feel now really really grateful to the stitcher who didn’t keep this all for herself.. therefore I’m doing the same here! :D]

they list DMC threads (a total of 41 colours, 17 for the first part), but of course I won’t do it the easy way..! 😀

I’ve decided to go for silks, Needlepoint Inc. silks actually, and Karin from Beardie Designs has been so sweet and helpful, picking the right shades for me (again!), this time from Holland, as she just got home from her trip to Italy..

thank you again Karin, I would have never asked for a designer to pick up silks for my projects once, not even in my dreams.. and now I have her inside eye to NPI silks so she’ll provide me proper conversions for the steps of the Surprise SAL 2 ..perhaps she’ll finish charting the antique sampler she’s working on right now and join the surprise SAL sometime later! 😀

I forgot to tell you, entries are opened all the way through next March, so if you happen to have too much to do right now, but still like the project, take note of Les trois brodeuses‘s blog, or stop by from time to time to see pictures of mine.. there’s plenty of time to think this through! (I told you it’s the perfect SAL! :D)

and if you happen to need the conversion chart for NPI silks, just write me using the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes).

now I’m off getting ready for the other project Karin helped me with.. she picked NPI silks while she guided me through Casa Cenina‘s warehouse, being one of the three lovely personal shoppers I had during the weekend.. oh gosh! 😀

well, this little flower I’ll be stitching comes from a nice collection of books with nature motifs designed by Monique Bonnin, Véronique Enginger and Corinne Lacroix, published by Mango Pratique.. it comes as a nice box, complete with DMC threads for the charts you find inside the 6 little books, stored in the box’s drawer.. I already had the one they dedicated to Colours, so when I saw the brand new one about Nature I simply couldn’t leave Tuscany without it! 😀

so there I was, looking at the Fleurs little book when Karin joined me and I dared to ask for her help.. that’s why I’m calling this the Karin’s flowers project.. thank you again for your time, kindness and help 🙂

Karin’s dog, Pippo, has his own blog now, you know! what a funny dude he is.. 🙂

– – –

thank you a thousand times for following the tail this far.. 

ترحيب / bonjour viewers from Lebanon!

and welcome back to all the others! 😀

have a nice day,



One thought on “back to stitches

  1. What a great new Mystery project. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on this one. I’m trying hard to be disciplined and not start anything new!


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