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I’m still amazed.. speechless, voiceless.. the best concert I’ve ever been to. period.

my sis and I came home from Trieste at 5 in the morning.. 3 hours and something of non stop epicness..

thank you Boss, thank you E Street Band.. you were unbelievable


3 thoughts on “HEY BABY!

  1. I was in Florence the night before…
    He was under the rain with us, with his energy, sharing wonder and emotions.
    This was my third Bruce’s concert and every time I think it’s the best….
    Thank you Boss and E Street Band, you’re unbelievable, really!
    I’m waiting for you, for the next concert…..



    1. they were the best.. I mean, it was the first time I saw Bruce live.. wow.. WOW!
      next time I’ll definitely be there from early in the morning and hopefully win access to the pit.. I wasn’t that far behind, actually.. but you saw what happens when you find place under the stage.. 😀
      there was this kid yesterday evening, singing Waitin’ on a sunny day with him on stage.. calling “come on E Street Band!”
      amazing, amazing night.. see you next time then! 😀


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