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winners, silks and xenos

good morning everyone out there! 😀

this time I want to thank you at the beginning of the post, for I’ve seen quite a change in where you viewers come from, and that’s so cool.. really cool! 😉

first and foremost, biem vindos people from Brazil!

then you Aussies, Canadians and Dutch formed the weirdest ally and attacked the tail, this being one of the happiest invasions ever experienced! 😀

thank you thank you thank you, really.. I never thought I’d get this international.. AND THIS FAST! 🙂

one of the reasons I decided to have the blog in English rather than Italian was precisely this: pure xenophilia! 😉

now, I have a few updates on the Les Trois Brodeuses front.. Sara (one of the three stitchers) is getting charge of their activity..  my guess is not the happiest, but hopefully I’m wrong..

what I can guarantee you is that she’s going on with the SAL Sorpresa 2 managing, being both the designer of the chart and the one mailing out PDFs, answering my picky questions, .. so basically you won’t see any difference.. 🙂

she hosts the SAL in her blog Il blog di Sara, so for any question, contact her there or mail her (info at saraguermani dot it) ..there’s also a list of the last projects she’s worked on (yes, there was a SAL Sorpresa 1 😉 here you find pics)

if you want to see the first step stitched, there are a few who already made it.. good job! 🙂

last but not least, there are my congratulations to the winners of The Sampler of Your Life contest! 😀

you must have wondered why I waited this long, well.. I wanted them to be officially announced on Casa Cenina‘s blog, with good pictures to do everyone’s work justice (many of the pics I took came out way too dark to show anything visible to the human retina..)

here you find the winners, here all participants.. there were some extraordinary samplers, and I bet once read all the papers about them it’d get even harder to pick out winners! 🙂 [Casa Cenina speaks many different languages, just pick the one you prefer on the top left corner :)]

again, my congrats to the winners and to everyone who participated.. samplers are not a stitching trend in Italy, and the reason why the Cenini 🙂 decided to go for this theme was improving and widening our variety of styles, let stitchers make good use of their creativity.. I really hope we’ll have another thing like this in the near future! 🙂

– – –

to all of you worried about the tornado in this area, I luckily got a lot of rain and hailstones the size of apricots, which luckily were mixed with rain, so no real harm done.. let this be over please.. (don’t want to find out we subscribed to the All Inclusive Disasters Offer..)

couldn’t leave you without a picture (another?! ANOTHER! :D) from the Karin’s flowers project.. Needlepoint Inc. silks are so good to work with.. hopefully I’ll finish this today..

design by Monique Bonnin, Véronique Enginger, Corinne Lacroix
stitched on 32ct. Zweigart Belfast linen (colour code 53) stitched over 2 using 1 ply of Needlepoint Inc. silks

– – –

keep following the tail, it’s nice to have you here and read your sweet and thoughtful comments,

take care



3 thoughts on “winners, silks and xenos

  1. Congratulations on your multinational followers!!! =D I love the Karin’s flowers project…the colors are so pretty! I was worried about you with the tornado, but then I read that it just zipped around in the water. Happy those huge hail stones did not hurt you!!


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