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hermits and flowers

it’s International Hermit & Stitch Weekend, so I’ll be quick and go back to all my WIPs as I have WAAAY too many.. I really need to learn to say no to new projects.. 😀

as you can see, the first bunch of flowers I stitched with Needlepoint Inc. silks Karin picked for me is finished.. it came out just perfect, and these silks are really a pleasure to stitch with..

in case you’re wondering there’s plenty of these lovely flowers in Fleurs, one of the 6 little books dedicated to Nature au point de croix by Monique Bonnin, Véronique Enginger and Corinne Lacroix, it’s really hard to pick one as they all look so beautiful.. backstitch really adds a soft touch to this bunch (at least, this is what I keep telling myself.. :D)

I’ll be stitching a different one on the linen cut you see on the right, using the same colours, plus a few more green shades

these projects are stitched on a 32ct. Zweigart Belfast linen (colour code 53) with one ply of Needlepoint Inc. silks (204, 205, 209, 254, 184, 187)

– – –

have a nice weekend, whether you’ll be hermitting or not,

welcome to all new viewers from Taiwan and Germany,

welcome back to all the others 😉

happy xxx



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