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eleven things quiz

I was in the middle of my hermitting weekend, when Kaye over at Kitten Stitching tagged me for the Eleven Things Quiz ..knowing I’d forget to do this if I postponed it (even for two minutes or so) I decided to face her 11 questions and write 11 new ones for 11 other bloggers straight away.. have fun! 😀

a. we have to paste the rules, so here we go, rules:

  • post these rules
  • you must post 11 random things about yourself
  • answer the questions set for you in the post you got tagged
  • create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
  • go to their blog and tell them they got tagged. no stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. you legitimately have to tag 11 people

b. eleven random things about me:

  1. I’m 1.78 cm tall
  2. I had two extra canine teeth
  3. I started wearing glasses in high school, as I became shortsighted
  4. I love LEGO bricks
  5. when I was 10 or something I broke my left wrist as I fell from my mom’s brand new bike I was trying to ride, it was way too big for me and I came down with it even before I could actually mount on it
  6. the fracture was pretty bad (even if the bone didn’t poke put of the skin.. actually I had laser surgery after a month of plaster) but it happened on a late Saturday evening, the orthopaedic from the emergency room had gone home, so I had to go home too and wait till the next morning with a broken wrist and a mountain of ice on it, having the weirdest dreams.. still remember that night
  7. one time I had this really high temperature, Popeye was on TV, in front of the bed where I was half asleep.. from that moment on I simply cannot bare the sight of him
  8. my cat will be 17 this summer
  9. I adopted him, better said, he adopted me about 10 years ago
  10. I was so mad about cats, when I was four I actually stole one from a farm and pretended he followed me into my mom’s car, who immediately returned the lovely cub to his family
  11. I was so mad about cats, when I was five I followed one into the woods while we were on holiday in the mountains, they had to call the rescuers as the entire village helped with the search but couldn’t find me anywhere, eventually they did before it got pitch black.. I was safe and sound, asleep under a tree (no, this wasn’t enough to convince mom it was better for everyone to get me a cat.. 😀 as a matter of fact, the grey tailed is the first one I managed to keep with me, as by the time I found him lurking inside our kitchen I was too old to take no as an answer)

c. answer the 11 questions set by Kaye in her post

Q. What is your earliest memory?

A. gosh, I don’t know.. but I can tell you the first thing my mom says I did: I looked at her inquisitively, as if I expected her to look prettier..  (actually mom, you could do something about your hair.. :D)

Q. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you like to visit and why?

A. probably New Zealand, as it looks so different from here.. (I thought so even before TLOTR thing.. ;))

Q. List your top five designers and give at least one reason why each one is your favourite.

A. randomly: Lizzie Kate (her patterns are always so fun to stitch), Véronique Enginger and Marie Suarez (delicate and sweet colour choices and themes), Sandra Cox Vanosdall (tricky, clever and good looking combinations of backstitch and speciality stitches), Marie-Thérèse Saint-Aubin (a real artist who turns her drawings into stitched pieces)

Q. If a movie was being made of your life, who would play you and what would the theme song be?

A. I would play me 😀 and the theme song.. oh my, it better be a good one 😀

Q. What is your favourite movie? Why?

A. impossible to answer, there are just too many! I’ve watched 3 Hommes et un couffin a gazillion of times, and still find it funny 😀

Q. List five of the most influential historical figures and explain why you picked them for your list.

A. probably all the unknown people at present, with anyone alive to remember them, but who did great things without making it into books..

Q. What do you love doing most in the world?

A. eating and sleeping, in this order.. 😀

Q. Cats or dogs or both?  Why?

A. cats, as you have to deserve their affection, dogs give it way too easily, even to people who treat them like crap, and this scares the hell out of me, in people as much as in animals

Q. What is the one thing about your life that you would change if you could?

A. I could do with a place of my own.. 😀

Q. Why do you blog?

A. because it’s all about me, and I don’t have to say sorry about it, that’s just what blogs are meant to be..! 😀

Q. If there is one luxury item you could acquire, what would it be?

A. the only ring I’ve ever looked at thinking, I like this!

d. create 11 new questions for the people I tag to answer:

1. how long is it since you’ve last played, sat on the floor, with a kid?

2. your favourite school trip?

3. when you go to sleep, do you wake up in the same position, or do you find blankets and pillows all over the place?

4. shades, hat or both?

5. was there a time you thought “I wish I was born there!”, if so when/where was it?

6. do you know how to make candy corn? could you tell me? I’ve never tried it! 😀 (if candy corn is not traditional in your country, could you tell me how to make something you’re thinking is way better than candy corn :D)

7. how many years have you been stitching? did you learn by yourself or did someone help you along the way to the stitching madness it’s nowadays?

8. the perfect sandwich: what is in it?

9. honestly, do you think ironing our clothes is really necessary? how do you deal with the dullest house work ever?

10. you reckon there’re even duller things than ironing? what is it?! 😉

11. is there a TV commercial you like? (makes you laugh, takes you back to old times, reminds you of someone you know, ..)

 e. my eleven chosen bloggers (happy Q/A! :D)

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