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flowers and super sales for jumanji june

Geeky Heather has Jumanji June as Theme-a-licious this time.. I’ve saved a pretty cool piece I’ll work on as soon as I finish the Karin’s flowers project.. in the meantime I’m pushing this to the limit (once again!) taking flowers as good as animals for JJ.. 😀

Jumanji June

Is it a jungle out there in your stash? Give some love to the projects with animals or birds.

I have to thank my friend Laura (remember the cooking madness? – I’ll update the Wanna cook? page as promised, I promise! ;)) well, the other day she saw the first of Karin’s flowers finished piece and goes “there’s something missing here Chiara.. look..” THANK GOODNESS she saw those few brown stitches I forgot (with my luck, I’d have noticed them just after finishing the piece as a little pincushion.. ;))

so this is the (really) finished  piece, and next you see the other bunch.. not much for my IHSW, but still..

last but not least, Casa Cenina‘s staff informed customers they’ll be able to sell Lizzie Kate‘s Very Scary Mystery Sampler through their online shop.. you might want to check also their 30x30x3: chase the discount! special offer, it lasts until Sunday 1st July.. 30 items randomly picked for 30% off every 3 hours.. gee they know how to give us treats! 😀

for any info, they answered a lot of questions at the end of their post, you can add yours there or write them here (for instance, if you place more orders during the sales time, you won’t pay shipment costs on each, they’ll wait and group your stuff so you get the most convenient offer possible.. now you know how I manage to stash that badly without taking out a loan! Cenini are the best! :D)

– – –

I’m happy to welcome new viewers from Luxembourg

willkommen/bienvenu! 😀

happy whatever you’re doing these days 🙂



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