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salitis, orts and charts

now this is official, I got salitis.. 😀

I read about the lovely Country SAL hosted by Maryse at Les grilles de Maryse and simply couldn’t resist.. I asked her if I was still in time (oh my, already months late, but still in time :)) for joining in YES! this is the 6th SAL for this summer, and let me say that THANK GOODNESS two will be over soon, really soon 😀

I know this looks like a pretty bad case of salitis, I won’t make my way out of this with words, I’ll stitch myself out of this mess..! 🙂

hopefully I’ll get linen cuts and threads really soon, so I can actually start making my way out of this..!! 😀

btw, thank you Teresa for the tip about the Country SAL!

talking about threads, here is my report on the TUSAL..

really not much, but working with one ply of silk, means I get really really small orts, which makes my saving side quite happy (you have a saving side?? where have you been hiding it so far?!!? 😉 yes I do have a saving side, my dears, and I’m not hiding it.. I buy only things I really need – not now, but I really need them, you know.. :D)

btw, I saved something like 30 bucks on a few things I found in rotation at Casa Cenina’s sales, among which Jeannette Douglas‘ My Stitching treasure accessories thread pack (yay! :D), Marie Suarez Les Aguilles, Lizzie Kate Flora McSample Boo Sampler, With Thy Needle And Thread May Word Play and Shakespeare Peddler‘s Spring At Bean Family Barn.. all items I already had in my wish list.. win win! 😀

last but not least I have a few progress to show you on the Karin’s flowers project, and the grey tailed wanted to inform you it’s too damn hot here to do anything but laying down on the floor gasping for food and fresh air..

– – –

keep following the tail,

have a nice day and happy xxx



3 thoughts on “salitis, orts and charts

  1. Salitis, I always wonder where it comes from. I also have so much SAL’s now that I sometimes just start something else as I don’t know which one to do first:-) the SAL of Maryse sure looks lovely! Happy stitching on all your projects.


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