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sales, naps and a finish

I promise a much more succulent post next time.. today Casa Cenina has shipped me threads and fabric for Les Trois BrodeusesSAL Sorpresa 2.. and I’m so going to show you my first stitches on this! 🙂 hopefully tomorrow..!

in the meantime I finally managed to have some quality stitching time (i.e. no phone calls, mails, annoying people at the door, the usual errands, ..) yesterday evening and finished the other bunch in the Karin’s flowers project.. I must say I’m really pleased with the way these little pieces turned out, backstitching with silks adds such soft and curved details.. two thumbs up for Needlepoint Inc. silks I’ll be using for the Surprise SAL as well! 🙂

I’ve taken a look at this month’s stitching goals, oh my! since I’ve stitched off goals most of the month, I’ll try and do my best with what is left.. this is a little bonus chart Manuela from The Shop Around The Corner gifted to us participants in her Waiting for Christmas SAL (entries are still open! :-D)

I chose (again! :-)) a polka dotted Vaupel & Heilenbeck linen band, 28 ct. white dots on écru, and two beautiful Gloriana shades, the one you see here is Holiday Blue.. this is such a quick and nice piece I’ll probably stitch two, one in blue and one in red..

[sorry I didn’t feel like ironing today, with 31°C..!]

meanwhile at Casa Cenina the 30x30x3 super sales are going on, so far I’ve been lucky enough to find in rotation and reserve the companion to Jeannette Douglas‘ My Stitching treasures accessories (the chartpack this time), some lovely buttons from Just Another Button Co., Lizzie Kate‘s Summer Boxer kit, some tiny jingle bells from The Waxing Moon, a cut of another V&H linen band (one you haven’t seen yet! ;-)), Arachne’s Silken Web The Owl and the Pussycat Accessories Case and Scissor Fob, Beardie Designs Winter Accessories, a few threads, and who knows what else I’ll find until July 1st! 😀

last but not least, the grey tailed says it’s quite comfy among cables and plugs.. gee cats find the weirdest places to take naps.. (and yes, everything was unplugged! :D)

– – –

thank you for you comments, they’re always more than welcome

and let me thank all new viewers from Israel! 

ברוך הבא!


have a good time



11 thoughts on “sales, naps and a finish

  1. I love your projects and the dotted fabric is perfect for a winter theme, looks like snow. I will be answering your questions, I was tagged twice so it is taking a little longer.


    1. thank you Minnie!
      I thought the same thing when I went for the white dots.. they look perfect for a winter themed ornament! 😀
      don’t worry about the questions, it’s not like you have to do it asap.. take your time, it’s just for fun! 😉
      happy xxx, I can’t wait to see how the Around the World SAL goes on!


  2. Ciao Chiara 🙂
    Mi piace moltissimo il ricamo con i fiori, il colore del lino è incantevole e poi……lo spillo con il riccio è davvero uno spettacolo 🙂 🙂 🙂 mi fai sapere se l’hai acquistato su Casa Cenina? Grazie 😉
    Ilaria 🙂


    1. Ilaria! ciao! 🙂
      grazie per i complimenti, con Karin ci siamo trovate sulla stessa lunghezza d’onda per quanto riguarda le tonalità dei lini.. trovi tutte le indicazioni circa colore/count in uno dei post.. l’ho trovato nella Sala delle Stoffe alla Festa del Ricamo.. che posto! 😀
      quello spillo con il riccio che vedi (se spulci nella mia pagina con le foto dello STASH lo vedi ancora confezionato) è veramente bello e sì 🙂 viene da Casa Cenina, è prodotto da Just Nan, e fa parte della collezione Charm Garden Pins.. li sto collezionando un po’ alla volta perché sono un po’ cari, ma quanto sono belli! 😀
      stanno andando lentamente fuori catalogo, quindi non ti conviene aspettare troppo.. lo trovi digitando charm garden pins hedgehog (riccio in inglese :))
      buon 30x30x3! 😀


  3. GRAAAZIE Chiara 🙂 🙂 🙂 sei sempre disponibile ma…come le trovi tutte queste cose particolari su Casa Cenina? Il sito è talmente vasto e carico di prodotti che dopo un po’ che giro, mi viene un gran mal di testa!!Molte cose riesco a trovarle perchè le inseriscono nella cornice della pagina iniziale e, a dire il vero, ho acquistato dei prodotti utilissimi di cui non sapevo nemmeno l’esistenza 😉
    Ecco, questo è uno dei meriti di Casa Cenina…c’è davvero tutto quello che desideri e…..che non desideri, ma solo perchè ne ignori l’esistenza 🙂
    Scappo…. mi catapulto sul sito a vedere il riccio 😉 😉 😉
    Ilaria 🙂


    1. 😀
      anni a spulciare il super sito nei ritagli di tempo, credo.. 🙂
      questi però ti confesso li ho scoperti grazie alle foto di una blogger tempo fa.. esattamente come sta succedendo adesso tra me e te! 😀


    1. thank you! 🙂
      never thought of turning this into a coaster, good idea! 🙂
      this will probably become a little pincushion or floss ring.. I love those lil things, they’re so handy! 😀


  4. It looks great! I promised you that once you are stitching with silks you don’t want to use something different any more.
    The polka dot fabric looks great as well.
    Seems we are both buying a lot at the 30x30x3 at casa cenina. And I am looking forward what else will come the next couple of days 🙂


    1. I’d tried a lot of silks before, but using NPI with their solid colors makes them suit such a wider range of projects.. and you’re right, you can use them in long cuts, they don’t make knots at all! perfect for those lazy days.. 😀
      we’re both going to stash badly until June 1st.. that’s wonderful news Karin! 😀


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