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thank you Mr. Turing

tomorrow is a really special day.. you may have heard of one Mr. Alan Turing from his job at Bletchley Park during WWII, when he was part of the team who broke the ENIGMA code, or his technological discoveries, which basically make him the father of all A.I. (including of course computers), or for the way he decided to kill himself, taking a bite from a poisoned apple, leaving us with this tragic yet fairy-tale looking like and mysterious ending..

he was a great great mathematician, who got great great loads of crap during his lifetime (and the word crap is such an understatement of the way society treated him), for all the times his achievements got rewarded, a greater deal of pain and suffering came in return.. so celebrating him now, 100 years after his birth, doesn’t really make up to all he had to face while he was alive..

having taken courses of propositional logic myself, I have to say that the theoretic aspect of his work is already extremely fascinating.. add to this the fact that it’s him and a bunch of other people we all have to thank if right now you’re able to read the words I’m able to type.. long story short, Mr. Turing really deserves all our appreciation and gratefulness

I guess one of the decent ways to express this is never forget about him, what his life must have been like, and try not to have history repeat itself once again..

now, there’s a really funny way of getting to know how the Turing Machine works.. (everything looks easier if you explain it using LEGO bricks.. :))

there’s also a Crack the Alan Turing Cipher challenge, hosted at, together with articles on the persecution of scientists through the ages and all the Turing Week events

– – –

stitchingwise I’ve been pretty busy as I woke up early this morning, and managed to add another finish to the monthly goals: Manuela’s bonus chart for the Waiting for Christmas SAL.. now this is really a nice little ornament.. I’m going to  stitch more of these, probably having those lovely biscuit buttons from Oeil2cha replacing the little star.. anyways, there’s plenty of time until next Christmas 😀

now I told you Paola from Casa Cenina shipped my silks and linen yesterday evening.. look what I found today at midday waiting for me at the doorstep.. YAY! 😀

this is my choice  of threads (again with the help of Karin from Beardie Designs!) for the SAL Sopresa 2 I’m going to stitch on a 36ct. Zweigart Edinburgh linen (colour code 52) with one ply of silks.. you can see them in the picture, they’re all Needlepoint Inc. silks apart form three Au Ver A Soie Soie d’Alger, which I decided to use in order to get less pinks and different shades of brown on this project.. entries are still open, you can join through one of the Trois Brodeuses‘ blog, Sara, and for all the info you need on this project see this post from a few days ago

I literally cannot wait to put my first stitches on this, so.. 😀

[these are the fibers listed for the first part only, I’ll show you the others once I start part 2! :D]

– – –

thank you for your nice comments and compliments, it’s nice to have you around

welcome new viewers from Indonesia!

selamat datang! 🙂

enjoy these summer days and keep following the tail,



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