The Grey Tail

rise, silver tortoise!

this weekend has been way trickier than I expected.. it’s still boiling hot these days, but it’s something else that really got in the way

apart from the old pal, I have an old lady living here as well, Pablita the tortoise.. she has a fugitive disposition, always trying to trespass, keeping an eye on the gates to see if we accidentally leave them open..

anyways, so far she managed to survive every time, safe and sound.. the only time she really got hurt was when a sudden snowfall arrived while she hadn’t hibernated yet.. I found her pale as chalk, in a corner of our garden, almost gone.. poor thing.. (that’s when a thin layer of her shell came off.. leaving these white, uncoloured spots)

this until Saturday afternoon, when she did it.

she managed to pierce a hole in the fence big enough to climb into our neighbors’, where three dogs live.. now I know how dogs react to tortoises, it’s really not their fault, it’s her to blame..

but I’m too worried right now to give her the good scold she deserves.. they’ve been playing hokey with her undisturbed, until we realized that something was going on in the back of our garden.. (well, just beyond the back of our garden)

she’s been crunched and chewed, and now a whole layer of the front upper shell is missing, together with the corresponding part below her..

my first impression was she’s doomed.. never seen her in this state.. with little drops of blood coming out of the wounded shell..

I took her straight away to the vet, where we washed her all the soil off, cleaned the shell, dumped it with betadine and then applied a silvery ointment to prevent infections.. she also had a little injection with antibiotics, and from that moment on we’re keeping her in a sort of playpen we built in our entrance.. she has to be kept indoors in order to minimize contaminations and bacteria.. repeating the betadine + silver paste therapy twice a  day.. (of course she doesn’t like her accommodation AT ALL)

later this afternoon I have another appointment with the vet for her 48h antibiotics fix.. waiting to see how she copes with this.. poor lady, what a turn in her life this has been..!

– – –

stitchingwise I’ve been able to put a few stitches on Les Trois Brodeuses SAL Sorpresa 2.. what do you say?

I find this lovely, really.. NPI silks are getting the best out of this chart.. plus in a few days I’ll get the second part, so I’ll probably work on this non stop..

– – –

as usual I get such delightful invasions from foreign stitchers.. 🙂

I’d like to thank all the Swedish and French people that came by,

välkommen! bienvenue!

together with my first viewers from Sri Lanka and the Russian Federation,

நல்வரவு! добро пожаловать!

it’s always nice to have you around, keep following the tail



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