introducing.. SSALs!

I’ve been busy with Pablita these days and didn’t get much done.. it’s still too soon to crow over a victory, but I can tell you she survived my first antibiotics injection (which is already something if you ask me..)

as for now, she gets an hydrating bath every morning, plus usual medications twice a day.. she still refuses to eat, taking only a few bites of lettuce every now and then.. mostly when nobody’s watching.. (as if we needed another reason to tell she’s really pissed off for the playpen thing..)

stitchingwise, I received the second part of Manuela‘s Waiting for Christmas SAL, a lovely tag I’ll stitch once I get a big enough V&H cut.. as usual I kitted it all up for another project, and the squares are 1 inch too small to fit the tag (..classic)

on the other SAL front, I’ve been working late to get the roses motif done and start the little house in the middle of Sara‘s SAL Sorpresa 2

Sara has been really nice and sent us the second and third step in advance so that we can work on this while on holiday too.. how sweet of you Sara! 🙂

now, you seriously want to take a look at the next posts, for I’ll be working on this non stop until Very Scary arrives.. and believe me, having seen the next steps.. it gets better and better! 🙂

there will be more buildings (a barn and a school), more flower motifs, a fence, a girl on a swing, .. Sara you did a great great job designing this pattern.. really! thank you!

[info on these SALs can be found here and here, as well as browsing through the Categories dropdown on the right]

last but not least, I’m happy to introduce an addiction to the blogosphere.. SSALs (Snail Stitch Along) 😀

Veronica from Veronica’s Stitching Vault and I agree on taking it easy with some SALs (especially when they arrive after a long line of other SAL subscriptions) ..she has been overtaken already twice on Shakespeare’s Peddler Magic Garden Sampler, asked for someone else to stitch this as slowly as she’s doing.. 😉 (hey! not having even chosen fabric and fibers for this yet.. here I am! :D)

let’s go for Snail SALs ladies! they’re the next big thing! 😀

because, honestly, there’s always time for a SSAL!

– – –

last but not least, I have to thank you all for following the tail every day.. so many French and Russian viewers.. merci! спасибо!

and of course all the American stitchers, my top viewers every day.. I never thank you enough for stopping by.. 🙂

take care and have a good time,

happy xxx



One thought on “introducing.. SSALs!

  1. Well, at least Pablita is taking a few bites here and there. Really hope she’ll be back to 100% soon. Hehe… Still loving the name of our SAL ^.^



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