new goals and stash showers

since I’ve started waaaay too many projects last month, and this is honestly the worst time of the year to stitch (with African heat waves, tortoise medications twice a day – all in all it takes an hour each time..), this month’s goals will be fewer (but still hard to keep up with..!)


• finish part three of the two Mystery SALs Al Castello hosted by Nikyscreations and Lilli Violette
• finish part 1 and 2 of 10 of Les trois brodeuses SAL Sorpresa 2
• work on Lizzie Kate’s Mystery Sampler as soon as it arrives!

there’ll be an extra goal, and you’ll see the reason for this in the next few weeks..

• take a break from stashing. seriously.

I don’t even want to look at how much I’ve spent between this and that.. Casa Cenina‘s 30x30x3 super sales, Inspired Needle‘s smalls from 2012 The Year Of Smalls, Oeil2cha AMAZING stuff on sale at ALittleMarket.. plus some other stuff I ordered last month, which is finally on its way to Italy.. GOSH!!

chiaraspendingmoneylikewater says enough is enough..! 😀

– – –

I want to thank you all for following the tail every day, it’s always nice to have you around and read your comments 🙂

I also want to reassure all those who got here looking for Lizzie Kate’s Mystery Sampler that I’ll be posting regular updates on the project as soon as it gets here.. joined by a special supervisor I’ll be happy to introduce you in the next few days..

next week is going to be a boiling hot blast stitchingwise speaking, trust me!! 😀

take care,



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