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guests and finishes

I’ve been working on a few things these days, so get ready for a pack of pictures! 😀

here is my progress on the SAL Sorpresa 2 by Sara Guermani (one of the Trois Brodeuses) ..these people finally got an entrance door (though without a doorknob..) windows, a roof and half a wall.. but they can enjoy their summer on the veranda until I find time to fix their house.. (hey! I have just two hands – and one brain – what did you expect!! :D)

then Nikyscreations and Lilli Violette‘s Mystery SAL Al Castello arrived to their third and final parts.. I started working on Nicoletta‘s the moment she mailed me the last part of the chart (as the one from Tania and Clo arrived later in the afternoon :D) and after much frogging, stitching, frogging.. (no idea why this piece got this unlucky) here is what I got!

you see I added a guide line all around in order to be sure I was sewing this properly.. (was sewing? why was? cause hey! it’s already finished!! :D)

this is my fabric choice for the back of the little cushion.. I had NO idea I had this pack of fabrics in my stash.. (does this sound familiar..?) ..I bought them at Abilmente last october.. and how thankful I am for this!! actually I was looking for another one, but this one came out of the digging first.. and I’m really pleased with the colour combo..

and here is the piece finally finished..

I sewed it with the little Singer I fixed on Mother’s Day (actually this is the third piece I sew in my entire life.. YAY!! :D)

and then added a whip stitch border in wool! 😀 yeah, I know.. it’s crazy just to think of wool when it’s above 36°C/97°F both outside and inside.. but hey, it was calling for me..! 😀

it’s DMC Colbert #7510

now I have to finish Lilli Violette’s SAL, and I already know what to make of it.. you’ll see.. 😀

on the delivery front, I’ve been in contact with Maeann from Bush Mountain Stitchery, and she told me she expects to ship my very scary package on Monday.. hopefully it’ll be here soon, VERY soon! 😀

Sabine from Oeil2cha sent her the other day, so I’m waiting for this to arrive pretty soon, after all it’s from France!

then there’re the MONSTER STASH 😀 I got during the 30x30x3 sales at Casa Cenina.. (preparing my box as I type..)

and then.. hear hear!! I’ll be hosting Madame Muriel! 😀 Gracie from Needles Pins and Dragonflies will put her on a plane (destination Italy! :D) where she’ll be spending the most delightful time with me, the grey tailed, Pablita and my very scary assistant (coming from France especially for his supervising skills)

I’ve already planned her holidays here, including a visit to Villa Pisani, 18th – 19th century furniture, nearly 100 rooms, the park, the maze, .. she’ll love it! 😀

thank you Gracie.. and please, treat yourself (a lot!! :D) while she’s away.. I don’t want you to end up green with envy.. 😉

 – – –

last but not least, let me thank you all for following the tail every day, you’re more than welcome 🙂

and new viewers from South Africa and Malaysia

welkom! dialu-alukan!

have a good time, and many happy xxx!


[all these SALs are still opened, you find infos here and here.. mind that in order to participate to the two gift aways from Niky and Lilli Violette, you have to send a picture of the finished finished piece – ornament, cushion, whatever you feel like.. but it has to be finished! 😀 – by August 3rd]


10 thoughts on “guests and finishes

  1. Both SALs look great. I especially love how you finished it into a pillow. So cute. Yeah, that sounds familiar… Losing track of my fabric stash is norm for me ^.^



  2. Oh my firend…love your finishes….
    As for the Madame, I do envy her plans with you. She is busy finding some souveniers to pack. I am getting her Passport in order…..she is happy to get out off this heat.


    1. thank you Veronica! SSAL is proceeding as slowly as possible, as I’m waiting for fabric and fibers to arrive! 😉
      and thank you Gracie!
      by the time she gets here, she might even find a bit cooler temperatures, at least I hope so.. (for both of us!! :D)


  3. Great job on finishing the SAL piece. I also just started finishing with a sewing machine this year, and I only have four pieces under my belt, but I’m so glad to be learning because it creates so many new ways to finish our stitchy pieces. Thanks for sharing the great photos!


  4. I am just smiling. I was trying to figure out who the heck this Madame Muriel was and it was not too difficult eventually… It is quite funny, I have to say, in a cool sort of way. Grown up people doing that, I thought, what’s going on? But at the same time (as my friend Amin says) “I approve”. Why not indeed? It’s like a peculiar little story, threaded in and out of reality. And it looks like people around here like threads very much…


  5. thank you all!
    I really enjoyed doing it all by myself.. such a self-esteem boost! 😀
    Eva, you’re right, it’s all about threads here.. and counts, and frogs, and cuts, .. (yep, stitch geeks, that’s what we are!! :D)


  6. Madame Muriel is coming to stay! She was with me before Gracie so you can read about our adventures in the passport journal. Lots of photos on my blog too under the label Travelling Granny.


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