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the SALs, the cactus and the wools

after a few days without stitching on anything – therefore without posting on anything (..) – I managed to work a little on the first part of Sara‘s SAL Sorpresa 2.. now only the tree and the fence are missing.. 🙂

I added doorknobs, just like Carin did.. (thanks for the tip! :)) but I also managed to miscount while stitching the side of the house..  it’s a stitch longer on the right.. just like the front (which on the other hand was supposed to be like this) ..I’m not used to leave miscounts on my projects, but the thing is.. frogging this would imply getting rid of the entire house, roof included.. way too much silks (and time) gone waisted at once.. plus it’s not like I’m jeopardizing the look and symmetry of it all, am I? 😉

I do hope this won’t backfire later on, that’s for sure.. or I’ll have to cope with it (and you’ll notice if such an ill-omened day should ever come..!!)

last week I finished Lilliviolette‘s Mystery SAL Al Castello (the only other SAL with deadlines now that Nikyscreations‘s done) it has to get finished finished by August 3rd.. I already did most of the sewing work, but I won’t post a pic about this until I get the embellishments which are getting back in stock in a few days.. (once again, you’ll see..! :D)

here it is, together with my choice of fabrics for the project.. I left out the one with blue flowers, as they didn’t match the floss.. and I’ll also change a few things now that the entire stitching is done, in order to match my taste (picky stitcher.. – I know.. :D)

on the other stitching front, the monstrous one :D, I received a few other things.. I know I know, way too much stuff.. but hey! these are all limited editions thread packs for the Shakespeare’s Peddler charts I got last week, .. I simply couldn’t miss them! 😀 (and I couldn’t get just a couple of charms right? what kind of order is that anyways??! :D)

these are all The Gentle Art l.e. thread packs Casa Cenina managed to stock after I asked them to (YAY! :D), including a gorgeous pack of overdyed wools for Jane Pattinson 1806.. I can’t hardly wait to start this, but considering all the heat waves we’ll get in Italy until September, that’s pretty much out of the question.. (not that’ll be lost with nothing else to stitch in the meantime, am I?! :D)

last but not least this is  a pretty intriguing experiment I came across during the weekend.. a mini cactus from Texas (a Mamillaria Prolifera)  that comes in its mini greenhouse and will live there until the repotting.. (taking for granted it’ll live that long.. :D) I’ll water it every 10 days for 2 minutes (!) and let you know what happens.. 🙂

kind of prickly isn’t it?! 😀

– – –

keep on following the tail, it’s always nice to have you here and read your comments! 😀

let me welcome new viewers from Venezuela, French Guiana and Yemen!

¡bienvenidos! bienvenue! !مرحبا

[there’s a super cool giveaway at Sometimes I Stitch you donut want to miss..! 😀 – this is a typo I’m definitely leaving.. way too funny! :D]

happy xxx!



7 thoughts on “the SALs, the cactus and the wools

  1. I’m loving this Sorpresa 2 SAL design more and more. However, I think sign up is already close for it, right? Oh well… Good stitching on yours. Hope the extra stitch won’t mess it up too much for you.

    Ah, I see your yummy new stash has arrived. All those floss. Bet you can’t stop fondling them 😛

    Cool looking cactus. Hope Pablita is doing well.



    1. isn’t this lovely?!
      and yep you can still join! 😀
      entries’ll stay opened until the very end of the SAL, next march..!! 🙂
      you can read more about it here or write an email to Sara, the designer! 😉 (info at saraguermani dot it)
      mind that it calls for DMC threads and I’ve made my own conversion of NPI/Au Ver A Soie silks with Karin’s help (Karin Kersten from Beardie Designs! :-)) ..I can send a PDF with my conversions in case someone else needs it!
      thegreytail at gmail dot com

      I’m the tempting snake of SALs am I?! 😀

      thank you for the wishes for Pablita.. another check up this afternoon.. fingers crossed!


  2. Aw, rats, for a second I thought it was a giveaway of donuts! =D I think your Sopresa house looks nice and sturdy…and I just love the Mystery SAL Al Castello!! Those fabrics are beautiful.


  3. Chiara! This is beautiful!

    I hope this works…I have a hard time replying to your lovely comments on my blog as well as post comments 😦 I’ve so wanted to do so….crosses fingers..hope this works!


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