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summer eggs à la Paulette

now you do remember Pablita had her check up with the vet yesterday afternoon.. well, since she hasn’t been doing much these days.. always hidden under the rosemary.. never even taking a step out of it (I actually keep on leaving lettuce just outside so she eats in bed  – or sort of.. :D) I was kind of anxious.. even worried it might be too late..

I mean, she’s been crunched more than a month ago now, captivated in a sort of playpen for two weeks, then out with eggs to lay that she couldn’t actually lay.. all her habits turned upside-down with me and my sis taking her out for an hydrating bath and medications  twice a day – then once a day.. antibiotics injections every 48 hours.. all in all there’s enough to diagnose her a pretty good shock! 😀

now.. I got quite a scold (from mom) for insisting in having her x-rayed ..not that I really had to insist, the vet told me it was necessary, but when I came home it looked like I was pointing a gun at the dude’s head crying out “X-RAY MY TORTOISE OR DIE!” ..!! 😀

those of you who read my 11 answers already know my mom isn’t really good at making the right choice.. that’s why I asked the vet to bring this home to show her..

if you adjust the brightness on your screen, you’ll see there’e 5 eggs in there!! 😀

now there won’t be any tortoise babies for she hasn’t been with a male her entire life.. (!!) – not that we’re churchy or something.. it’s just that males are terribly hard to find.. (sounds familiar?! ;))

so here’s the prescription: calcium injections every 24h for a week, constant vigilance on her to see if she manages to lay them all by herself within 7 days, otherwise oxytocin.. and this should be it! 😀

all other wounds are recovering pretty well, no more baths.. just medications once a day on the lower shell for this is always the hardest part to heal..

thank you all for the comments and good wishes.. you’re so nice! 🙂

– – –

on the stitching front, I must tell you Lilli Violette‘s Mystery SAL Al Castello is actually finished.. only a couple of charms missing that’ll add as soon as they get back in stock (a matter of days) ..and I can’t wait to show you the finished finished piece.. it changed a lot..! 😀

for instance, I never managed to appreciate the rough look of the stitching on the little linen square.. I waited till the cross-stitching was over, in order not to mess up with the final part, and then frogged the pink stitches, replacing them with.. haha!! you’ll see!! 😀

since I sort of feel like there’s people around who like the SALs I’m doing.. 😀 here is a little recap with links.. for all the info about these projects browse the CATEGORIES drop down on the right and pick the one you’re looking for! 😀

SALs recap – entries still opened for all the projects!

Mystery SALs Al Castello, by Nikyscreations and Lilli Violette (both finished!)

The Very Scary Mystery Sampler Club, by Lizzie Kate (1st part is on its way to Italy! YAY! :D)

Waiting for Christmas SAL, by The Shop Around the Corner (first part finished, about to start the second one with my own fabric/thread choice – picky stitcher!! :D)

SAL Sorpresa 2, by Sara, one of Les Trois Brodeuses (part one almost finished)

Country SAL, by Maryse (still kitting up for this, as – again! – I’m going to use my own choice of fabric/threads, in this case overdyed instead of DMC)

Magic Garden Sampler SSAL, for whoever wants to stitch this beautiful piece by Shakespeare’s Peddle AS SLOWLY AS POSSIBLE!! 😀 – Snail Stitch A Longs are tomorrow’s SALs, no doubt about that! 😀 (current participants Veronica and me :))

Stitch Me Club 2012: Patches of Life, by L’Atelier Perdu (already kitted up, waiting for part one to arrive via snail mail!)

– Mon Marquoir, by Annick Abrial (got hand dyed threads and linen from Annick – really sweet and talented, check her Fils de Morphée here! – and they’re on their way here from France!)

TUSAL, by Daffycat (with the other 8 SALs going on, this is the only one I’ll never have to worry about! :))

this is it people! 😀

– – –

thank you for following the tail every day and leaving so many nice comments,

take care and happy xxx!


4 thoughts on “summer eggs à la Paulette

  1. Wow! That is a lot of SAL’s! I am about ready to put my first stitches into the Stitch Me Club, but I am not ready yet with Maryse’s Country SAL-love the design so far on that one too.


  2. Phew! Happy to hear that Pablita is doing better. I can see those eggs. Very cool x-ray though not so much for her. Your post made me laugh. LOL! Males… especially good ones are especially hard to find.

    Thanks for the info on Sorpresa 2 SAL. Since I still have tons of time, I’ll probably sign up further down the road. Looking forward to see your finished-finished SAL.

    Oh, by the way, I found that Sew and So sells the DMC thread card 😀 Their shipping is reasonable too so most likely I’ll be buying from them. I just ordered from them for the first time last week (my first floor and lap stitching stand) and they have already arrived. Excellent service, I must say! Have you ever buy from them before?



    1. well.. I have fun writing them, so the best thing is that there’s someone else having fun reading them as well! 😀
      of course you can join anytime the Sorpresa SAL 2! that’s one of the upsides of this SAL.. no restrictions! 🙂
      I’ll take a look at Sew and So! 🙂 and I’m happy you managed to find the thread card you were looking for!! terribly handy for conversions.. I use it all the time!! 🙂
      happy xxx!


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