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keep it coming!

crazy days here.. not much stitching done (humpf..) but loads of stash keep on coming (yay!) – these are things I bought back in May/June.. I haven’t robbed a bank or something.. they just arrived all at the same time! 😀

here are my Smalls from the 2012 Year of Smalls at Inspired Needle.. thank you Laura for having such a great idea!! 🙂

there’s also a new, longer pair of scroll rods for my Doodler.. little by little I’ll get them all 😀

I bought these together with the linens and silks.. and probably save them for traveling projects.. as they look so handy, already kitted up and everything.. thank you Cathy!! 🙂

and these are a few things I got both from Bobbie at Stitching Bits and Bobs (the out of print Mirabilia chart and the Lakeside linen for the Halloween Quaker Sampler) and Casa Cenina (the other two charts.. Flemish Giant will have to wait for its thread pack from The Gentle Art)

then I finally got the first part of the Stitch Me Club 2012: Patches of Life by L’Atelier Perdu.. how nice this is already! 🙂

this is the fabric I’ve chosen (with a lot of help from Nataliejo! – Zweigart 35ct. colour code 222), those you see in the packs are the called for threads for the 4 months long project.. the rest are supplies for Lilli Violette‘s SAL finishing (which is entirely up to us) and another fabric selection I got from Casa Cenina (this time Henry Glass)

these instead are the Mas D’Ousvan fat quarters I got back in spring (and here’s where I got the idea for Lilli Violette’s finishing)

last but not least, an update on the SAL Sorpresa 2.. Lana seems to enjoy silks! 😉

almost forgot the TUSAL report! 😀 (the candle is a way to improve the miserable look of my orts.. ;))

– – –

thank you all for following the tail so many every day,

let me welcome new viewers from Algeria!



there’s Sarah’s first giveaway going on at Sarah In Stitches.. don’t miss it! 😀

 happy xxx!



5 thoughts on “keep it coming!

  1. ooooo gorgeous goodies in the post you got … love those fabrics too 🙂
    and your wee sheep is sooo cute 🙂 have been reading posts but not commenting as been looking at them on my phone in my dinner hour …. hope your tortoise is back to normal soon that was a fab xray btw 🙂
    happy stitching 🙂 love mouse xxxxx


  2. That, my friend, is a lot of stash. Yummy, yummy stash ^.^ I can’t wait to see your start on all of them. So when will you be starting them? 😛



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