The Grey Tail

IHSW report

a very quick post for I’m having connection issues.. (darn it..)

this is the result of this weekend’s hermitting.. I’ve finished part 1 of 10 of Sara‘s SAL Sorpresa 2!

love this tree.. beautiful and geometrical at the same time.. thumbs up Sara!
yes, I didn’t iron the rest (because it was POINTLESS!! :D)

I could have accomplished so much more during the weekend.. but I had to chill out for a little (pretty bad day last friday) and wanted desperately to start the first part of L’Atelier Perdu Stitch Me Club 2012.. then I realized if I start skipping  randomly from one project to the other I won’t pick up the ones I leave behind for who knows how long.. so basically the no one gets left behind! policy rules here 😀 (remember Toy Story 3? :D)

in the second step (July’s, so you see I’m already trying to catch up.. ;)) there’ll be loads of flowers in the bottom right corner, growing up to the middle of the right border, a church and a pine tree, flowers growing form their vase.. a lot of stuff..

– – –

welcome new viewers from Mauritius, Morocco and Albania! 🙂

welcome back to all the others!

keep following the tail (this may be a very scary week if you know what I mean.. 😀)

I hope you’re all having fun,

see you around



6 thoughts on “IHSW report

  1. I like the tree too. In fact, it’s one of the main reason I’m considering the SAL. It’s so pretty. Hope all is going well for you now. P.S. Picture This Plus is having their once in a year, one day sale… You might want to check it out before it finishes ^.^



    1. got the newsletter from PTP.. Marylin is just great.. luckily for my wallet I was away most of the day and didn’t find the time to check them out..
      would be dead broke by now 😀 (but thanks for alerting me.. maybe next time we’ll find ourselves fighting for linen cuts :D)


  2. I was having google reader problems for the last four days! So now I can finally catch up on people’s posts!! Love your progress so far. That house is so purdy! I adore your sheep needle minder! So fluffy!!


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