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eggs, fur and olympics

and oxytocin did the trick! 😀

one hour time and all five eggs were out, Pablita looks alright (yay! :)) but she’ll have another check up in two weeks in order to be sure there weren’t any other cells in the making.. but all in all it should be over! THANK GOODNESS! 😀

on the cat front, the grey tail has lost a lot of weight during the past months (from 7 to 5 kg –  15,4 to 11 pounds) so he got a check up too..

he looks fine for a 17 years old pal (ask the vet, who got blood dripping hands by the end of the visit.. – her blood of course! ;)) ..ears, heart, teeth look alright but he’ll need blood tests in the next few days (some kind of revenge from the blood dripping vet ;)) and we’ll need extra help for this, at least one assistant and me for he’s really a pain on the ass when it’s not about cuddles and scratches behind the ears..

today I combed and cleaned the fur (what I usually do before monthly flea treatments) and this is the result.. half a cat lost in fur.. poor lad.. but I gave him extra cuddles and delicious healthy stuff to eat in order to make peace.. :))

now he’s all shiny, disinfected and smells of oat milk the first thing he did was taking a nice good roll on the garden’s filthiest patch.. 😀

– – –

on the stitching front, I’ve been working on the Waiting for Christmas SAL second part.. as this is a nice and quick piece, plus I couldn’t wait to see what my choice of threads and linen looked like.. very nice 😉

yesterday a nice package from Annick Abrial arrived straight from France! 🙂

40ct. linen and her Fils de Morphée for the Mon Marquoir together with a lovely bonus chart with my initial.. thank you Annick!!

I’m saving both the Mon Marquoir and L’Atelier Perdu first parts for the Stitching Olympics (another amazing idea by Laura.. isn’t she genius!! :))

basically we pick one or more pieces, start them on Friday with the opening of London’s Olympic Games and try to finish them by the closing ceremony (8/12).. 😀

– – –

thank you for following the tail, it’s nice to have you around and read all your comments..

take care and see you around

for any info use the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes).


4 thoughts on “eggs, fur and olympics

    1. no idea why, but you got into spam.. 😀
      cat is incredibly soft and perfumed.. right now snarling between the cables.. love his weirdness!
      Pablita looks great, back to her usual life of long walks in the garden.. thank goodness! 🙂


  1. Your greytail looks adorable! So soft and fluffy!! Good to hear that Pablita is okay and that your sweet kitty is all clean and flea free!!

    You participate in loads of Sals! Good for you!! Love the French stash! J’adore!!


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