Stitching Olympics 2012

(stitching) olympics 2012

I didn’t get much quality stitching time, but I made up my mind on the Stitching Olympics!

I decided to pick a couple of SALs I already kitted up and do as much as I can to complete all the steps already available:

L’Atelier Perdu Stitch Me Club 2012: Patches of Life (part 1 already here, part 2 should arrive by the 10th of August)

Annick Abrial Mon Marquoir (part 1, 2 and 3 already out)

these are both stitched on Zweigart colour code 222 (coincidence! :D), with hand dyed threads:

Stitch Me Club on an Edinburgh linen with called for WDW, GAST, GASS, CC and a couple of DMC

Mon Marquoir on a Newcastle with hand-dyed Fils de Morphée

off stitching, the opening ceremony will begin in a few hours (!) and I still need to finish part 2 of the Waiting for Christmas SAL before the fireworks begin! 😀

– – – 

keep following the tail, there’s room for everyone 😀

btw, welcome new viewers from Lithuania!

Sveiki atvykę!

welcome back to all the others!

take care and enjoy the weekend!



2 thoughts on “(stitching) olympics 2012

  1. Ciao Chiara,
    complimenti per i tuoi lavori, hai una mano perfetta, le tue crocette sono davvero una poesia !!! io sto terminando di ricamare la terza ed ultima tappa del nostro SAL !!! Credo proprio che mi mancherete !!! buona giornata


    1. WOW! grazie!! 🙂
      appena si riprende la macchina fotografica ti faccio vedere come ho ricolorato 🙂 Holly Jolly Christmas!
      tutto all’insegna di biscotti a forma di cuore, glassati, al cioccolato, con la marmellata, .. tutti d’ordinanza qui a natale! 😀
      (ti mancheremo ..finché non ti inventerai un altro SAL! :D)
      grazie di tutto e a presto!
      buone xxx!


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