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the all-in-one post

long post or multiple posts? ..hmmm.. we’ll see.. either way, get ready for quite a few pictures and finishes.. 😀

so boiling hot temperatures are back.. (so annoying I find it hard to concentrate on almost everything, including stitching.. – darn it!)

this might explain why this piece got so unlucky it took me an entire week to finish it! can you believe it?!

ok, the fact that I’m awfully busy these days played its part, but all the same.. stitching with such hot weather is really not my thing.. 😀

here you see part two of The Shop Around the Corner‘s Waiting for Christmas SAL, where I changed a lot (as usual) in terms of fabric, threads and shape..

this should have been a big tag with a hole on top (which I really wanted to keep) but then realized my pliers for making eyelets create too small eyelets, so I had to turn it into a flat/soft ornament.. I still haven’t picked the backing fabric (main reason is I really need to invest a few days – and a few euros.. – in sorting out my stash.. I got to a critical point.. :D) but as you can see, no doubt it called for a couple of Sabine‘s biscuit buttons!! 😀

actually I changed all colours, and added backstitch, in order to get biscuit looking hearts.. threads are all GAST and GASS (Oatmeal, Schoolhouse Red, Dark Chocolate and Shaker White) and I doubled the outside outline.. ( I also left out the green I picked, for it messed up the biscuit theme :D)

then off to the other finishing, actually an old one 😀 ..I waited this long for the brass butterfly charms I want to add are on backorder, but since the deadline for this SAL gets closer and closer I thought it’d be better to show off what I did a few weeks ago (with the help of Granny and her beautiful old school Singer! :D)

this is Lilli Violette‘s Mystery SAL Al Castello, again, I changed A LOT 😀 (as I anticipated in this post) ..I didn’t hang it for I don’t have the right nails but it already looks nice, even if.. on a pillow!! 😀

28ct. Vaupel & Heilenbeck polka dotten linen band and white ribbon; La Croix et La Manière beige ruban; Mas D’Ousvan Rosine Beige fabric

– – –

so this is my all-in-one post: both a Theme-a-licious report, a monthly goals report, all mixed & mashed up for your eyes to see, all in blink 😀

Jolly July

It’s a jolly holiday with your WIPs…you can concentrate on Christmas designs, ornaments, or even pick a different holiday to render in stitchy goodness.

well.. I’ve been stitching on a Christmas ornament, that’s pretty much it.. I also dragged this along with me for more than a week.. 😀

on the Halloweenish July it should have been, Very Scary isn’t already here, I guess the Italian postal service is taking it as a hostage or something.. (stitchery items won’t get delivered until we get the ransom money! ..yeah, definitely possible.. :D)

as for my monthly goals, here they were:


✓ finish part three of the two Mystery SALs Al Castello hosted by Nikyscreations and Lilli Violette

✓ finish part 1..

• ..and 2 of 10 of Les trois brodeuses SAL Sorpresa 2

✓ finish part 2 of The Shop Around the Corner’s Waiting for Christmas SAL

• work on Lizzie Kate’s Mystery Sampler as soon as it arrives!

there’ll be an extra goal, and you’ll see the reason for this in the next few weeks..

• take a break from stashing. seriously.

well, I did all I could for what I had in my hands, and finished only part 1 of the SAL Sorpresa 2.. as for stashing.. hmmm.. Houston, we still have a problem.. 😀

now, there are many reasons why I keep on adding stash to stash (and one of them is I definitely lost my mind! :D) BUT, there are also a few job-likeish reasons I still want to keep secret, so.. don’t hold your breath, it might take a while :), but there’s more than complete madness in this, I swear! 😀

I also fell in love with Edgar‘s Longaberger mag basket.. the moment I saw his picture I realized that’s how I want to carry my WIPs too!! (the power of blogging, you see..) so I found one which should be in great conditions on Ebay and got it 😀

it’s already on its way to Italy.. add this to Madame Muriel (!!), stash for the Magic Garden Sampler SSAL, JCS Halloween issues, more fabric selections and stash for the Country SAL, Very Scary still stitchnapped :D, .. and you’ll figure out how August is going to look like.. 😀


• finish part 1 of L’Atelier Perdu Stitch Me Club (Stitching Olympics 2012)

• finish part 1, 2 and 3 of Annick Abrial’s Mon Marquoir (Stitching Olympics 2012)

• work on Lizzie Kate’s Mystery Sampler as soon as it arrives!

• take a break from stashing. seriously.

– – –

thank you all for following the tail so far, it’s amazing how many people find my nonsense worth reading! 😀

welcome new viewers from Korea!

(I absolutely do not trust Google with korean translations.. so no exotic welcome this time.. 😀)

thank you all for your mails and comments,

take care and enjoy the summer!

happy xxx



4 thoughts on “the all-in-one post

  1. Ohhhh….I LOVE what you did with Waiting for Christmas, part 2!! And those biscuit buttons…too cute!! I really, really like your Mystery SAL Al Castello as well…the finishing is great. My favorite part is the natural linen on top of the white linen, though. That looks SO COOL! =D


    1. hehehe!! thank you Heather!!
      I love when you can actually turn your stitched piece into something, you know.. not just a frame, I mean, frames are great.. but you cannot hang ALL your pieces like that.. useful creations are my favourite! enjoy the olympics! off for some stitching! 😀


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