Stitch Me Club 2012 · Stitching Olympics 2012

ready, steady, go!

as promised, I managed to add pictures to yesterday’s post.. now it all makes much more sense.. 😀

I’ll add them here anyways, for I must say I really like how this ought-to-be tag turned out..

there’s still this month’s Theme-a-licious to mention, and it goes without saying the Stitching Olympics suit this purpose just perfectly!

Altius August

Embrace the Olympic motto–Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger)–by elevating your mind. It’s the perfect time to learn something new! Or maybe achieve some goals…

so my first challenge is with part 1 of L’Atelier Perdu Stitch Me Club 2012 Patches of Life.. I prepared the linen cut yesterday after dinner, and took a closer look at what I’m going to face.. (A LOT of work!! :D) in beautiful shades of grey, definitely my favourite colour, with hints of browns, écru and carnation pink/red.. just the perfect colour palette for me! 🙂

threads are all GAST, GASS, CC and WDW + two DMCs I’ll keep for I’m already busy with conversions for the Country SAL.. I really need another piece to stitch following the rules, for once..! 😀

my fabric choice (this instead was up to us :D) is Zweigart’s colour code 222 36ct. Edinburgh linen, and as you can see I already added guide lines for the perimeter of the project.. gee I really don’t need frogs to show up on this 😀

I’ll add WIP pictures every other day, so you’ll see how (badly) I’m doing for the olympic challenge! 😀

– – –

let me welcome new viewers from the Philippines, United Arab Emirates and Jordan!

maligayang pagdating! !مرحبا

and to all of you.. thanks for coming back so many every day!

keep following the tail 🙂



6 thoughts on “ready, steady, go!

  1. Ciao,sono ” capitata ” qui, come succede spesso, di blog in blog.
    Complimenti per tutti capolavori che sforni!
    Pian pianino mi vado a guardare x benino il tuo blog.

    Ps siamo quasi vicine di casa, anch’io veneta.


  2. Bellissimo cara ! come sempre le tue xxx mi lasciano di stucco! Ieri sera ho terminato la terza tappa e devo dire che è prorpio carina, non vedo l’ora di inviarvela !!! Ma tu verrai a Formigine? ciao Manu


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