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a different kind of post

I usually never say when I donate to something, for I strongly believe that this is the kind of thing you do period. being praised for it has nothing to do with helping people.. which for me has only inner and silent implications..

this time it’s kind of different though, as the next stitchful event I’ll attend happens to be set right in the area shaken by the two major earthquakes, which stroke Emilia Romagna last May 20 and 29 ..many historical buildings went down or had to be demolished, for they became dangerous ruins, more than the towers, churches, palaces they used to be..
a lot of people died, many of these were workers on shift in their factories, which came down as card castles.. and even more people are now living in terror, camping outside their houses (if they still have one), many evacuees, and again workers who try to light up something at the end of this tunnel.. against all the pain and red tapes..
Fili senza tempo (Timeless Threads) is set in a beautiful location, the medieval castle in Formigine that had a narrow escape in May.. that’s the castle mentioned in the two Mystery SAL Al Castello..

I would have been there anyways, but now everything has so much meaning.. we’re all in this together, in a world where good and bad times always come intertwined..
that’s why I decided to talk about this initiative started by Lilli Violette (the duo Clo and Tania, who made Fili senza tempo possible in the first place), Nikyscreations and the many other designers who joined, in order to make a special charts folder, and all the money raised will go to The Firefly, Therapy Centre for Children..

if you would like to take part in this initiative and book a copy of this folder (with new charts by Lilli Violette, Nikyscreations, Marie, Yuko, Maria Concetta Ronchetti, Thistle Threads, Praire Moon, The Workbasket, and many others) you can write me using the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes) or Niky (nicoletta.farrauto at alice dot it) ..if you mail me I will be happy to give you all the info and, if you want, buy a copy for you at Fili senza tempo (21 – 23 September) and mail it Monday 24th.. it won’t be the same as being there, but hey, you will still Stitch for Emilia 🙂


mind that copies must be booked by August 10th.. I know it’s a pretty tight schedule, anyways I’ll be happy to give you all the info you need..

– – –

happy xxx



8 thoughts on “a different kind of post

  1. Grazie di questo post, oltre ad aver aderito con un mio schema, ho prenotato anche tante copie da regalare alla amiche per Natale !!! Buona giornata Manu


    1. bisogna ringraziare tutte le visitatrici del mio blog che hanno deciso di partecipare, anche se da molto lontano.. quasi tutte da oltreoceano!! 😀
      e grazie a te e a tutte le designer che hanno aderito!
      non c’è dubbio, sarà un venerdì coi fiocchi! 😀


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