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halloween in august (waiting for vary scary)

pretty busy day here today.. that’s why I’m writing this post in the early morning, wait for a better light to take pictures and then post it.. that’s kind of a habit recently, for I barely have to time to do anything these days.. and the heat wave really doesn’t help. at all.

switch complaining mode off

first of all let me thank you all for the support in Stitch for Emilia ..I already have bookings for the folders and will keep on like this until this friday! 😀

for any info use the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes) and read this post.. thank you again for being so generous.. Tania is head over heels about you 😀

– – –

on the delivery front I misbehaved, I said I did, and I also vaguely mentioned a sort of reason why I’m getting more stash than food these days.. 😀 all in due time, all in due time.. 😀

anyways, here is the last batch from Casa Cenina.. as you can see two more fabric selections and a theme: Halloween in August (waiting for Vary Scary) 😀

Benartex and Lecien fat quarters selections
JCS current and past years Halloween specials and fall issues + Mill Hill seasonal ornaments
huge linen cut for the Country SAL and two kits for customized fabric boxes (there are also the two butterfly charms I want to add to the Bonheur bell pull)
hard to find WDW threads, supplies for the Country SAL and two Tilda paper rolls.. I’ll have fun with these in the next few days..
floss rings, zip pouches for WIP supplies and the brand new Christmas bell pull by JABC.. super cool buttons included (the new flying reindeer is really really cool.. :D)
Cattitudes and other adorable Red Rooster fabrics

yourself is the best analyst (..) well, if I should look at it this way, my point would be: I’ve been waiting for Lizzie Kate’s sampler to arrive so long, my mind figured out I wouldn’t feel so left out if in the meantime I got loads of all the rest.. works as good as the stitchnapped theory.. 😀

last but not least I had e few hours time to dedicate to Atelier Perdu’s Stitch Me Club 2012 (or as I should call it, Patches of life) ..the border you’ll see tomorrow (I must save something for tomorrow’s post you know! :D) is 283 stitches long, and it took me forever to finish with these hot temperatures and the sleepiness they give me.. one more week, weathermen said just one more week..

– – –

and that’s pretty much it for today.. let me welcome new viewers from Perù!

¡bienvenidos! 🙂

take care and keep following the tail, thank you for the nice comments and emails, they really make my day! 🙂

there’s a great great post Heather wrote about her Stitching Olympics here and a super themed giveaway by Mindi here really don’t want to miss them! 😀

there’ll be a post tomorrow about a long waited arrival, so don’t miss that either!

(play big sunspace theme song, just like at the end of a Lost episode..)

happy xxx!



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