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the lady in red

look who the postman escorted to my door yesterday morning? 😀

the Madame!! Madame Muriel!! 😀

she watched me working all day yesterday, and rush to post this before Gracie leaves for her family reunion! 😀

Gracie was the greatest, really.. she sent a huuge box with all sorts of beautiful things inside.. (I must confess.. my sis and I already ate the jam.. it was too good to last!!)

we also drooled all over the amazing pictures from Arizona.. wow..

thank you Gracie for this wicked Halloween chart, I love it!
Cross Stitcher issue I didn’t have, Valley of the Sun book my sis and I admired eagerly.. and an amazing bookmark stitched for me! that’s so heart melting Gracie, I really don’t know what to say but grazie, really..
Muriel’s passport, the already gone jam 😀 adorable DMC Satin threads and needles (I didn’t have these.. again, big thanks Gracie! they’ll make wonderful stitches, no doubt about that!)

I’ll never thank you enough for your kindness Gracie, really.. I’ll go for a few errands next week with Madame (not that I wouldn’t do it RIGHT NOW, but these temps would melt both of us.. so we’ll do what we can indoors these days and by friday the awfully sweaty part of the summer should be over, and we will have a blast, trust me.. :D)

– – –

stitchingwise these are my progress so far on Patches of Life.. I might be the only one who actually is head over hills about the colour palette for this project, what can I say.. I simply love browns and greys.. just a few touches of pink, and not a girlish one.. 😀


thank you NatalieJo! this is a really lovely project!

the hardest part, very very long monochrome border is done, from here on it should be down the hill 😀

– – –

let me welcome new viewers from Moldova!

I’m already on the Patches of Life sampler to give you some decent progress tomorrow.. 😀

thank you all for following the tail so far

don’t forget you still have time to join the Stitch for Emilia project, you find all the info in this post

have a good time,



5 thoughts on “the lady in red

  1. So happy The Madame arrived safely. She is fun to have around. I am so pleased you and sis enjoyed the package…guess I will have to put some more jam in the mail…when I return.


  2. Madame Muriel is a great guest. I enjoyed having her in New Zealand. She took lots of photos of her journeys out and about – please persuade her to do the same in Italy. Have a lovely visit with her.


  3. I’m glad to read Madame Muriel arrived safely, and she really did show up with some wonderful goodies. Its going to be so much fun to see what sort of adventures she has in Italy.


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