Madame Muriel · Stitch Me Club 2012 · Stitching Olympics 2012

stitching with Madame

I must say weather temps already lowered enough to guarantee decent sleep at night, and easy life while indoors.. thank goodness! 😀

Madam and I are having a great time, as we both enjoy having tea breaks and stitching while watching the Olympic games.. (Lana is particularly fond of tea, just like Madame, as you can see)

this is definitely NOT Twinings tea.. I just collect these very useful tin boxes for my herb tea leaves, fruit bits, specials from herbalist’s shops
this one is a mix of tea leaves & peach bits and tastes really good, my fav (in spite of the fact it’s a bright shocking PINK! :D)

I also introduced Muriel to the art of making it through labyrinths, as that’s what we’re going to do next weekend.. GET LOST! 😀

all pictures are taken by the Italian version of The Fantastic Maze Book by Charles and Juliet Snape, Red Fox (1994)
I told you Heather I had the old school version on that app of yours.. 😀

we also read all those ICS Halloween issues, where I saw a lot of interesting projects and finishings.. and on the stitching front, there are some progress on SMCPatches of Life.. I’m doing my best to get the only goal I might achieve from this year’s Stitching Olympics (I set a few but enormous goals, considered I’m working full time!! :D)

I’ll do my best with this, but honestly, I see it pretty hard.. I want to strike you with some proper progress pictures, you know.. 😉 so nothing, this time.. oh well, off to some more make-up-to-you-stitchers pictures.. 😀

you remember I went head over hills for the way Edgar keeps all his WIPs in a Longaberger wicker basket.. well, you know what happens when I fall in love with something.. 😀

1999 vintage Longaberger wicker basket, guarantee and collection leaflet remained hidden under the other liner for all these years, I found it when I took it off for washing it 😀

so here it is! complete with two liners (this one you see is the brand new one, that was still sealed  in its bag :D), the old one is about to take a trip in the washing machine, and I am about to fill this up with WIPs and tools and zip bags and every other thing it can hold.. (you can tell I love this basket, can you?)

inside pockets! great addiction! 😀

I’ll make or buy different liners though, as these look nice.. but a lil too frivolous for me 😀

thank you Edgar for showing the way you carry around the house your WIPs, as you can see I found it extremely inspiring! 😀

on the SAL front, Manu sent us the third and last part of her Waiting for Christmas SAL, another really lovely Christmas tree.. I already have a few ideas swirling around my nutty brain.. and then another Christmas ornament will go straight into the “WIPs to finish finish” list 😀


– – –

that’s pretty much it for today!

thank you all for following the tail every day,

take care and enjoy the best of summer..

the gentle breeze, fresh fruits and veggies,

and many daylight stitching hours!!

that’s what my weekend will be about! 😀

see you around,



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