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the weekend and the movies

so what have I been up to?

this was really not a stitchful weekend, even if I promised I would do as much as I could and finish part one of Atelier Perdu‘s Patches of Life.. I didn’t..

this makes my Stitching Olympics as miserable as the real ones by Italian athletes.. 😀 I guess it fits this year’s mojo.. 😀

the sampler is coming out pretty well, even if much more slowly than I wish.. and I got part two in todays’ mail!! looks superb!! 😀

as for the rest, I’ve been working on a little Mill Hill ornament (I want to get all the 2012 Autumn Harvest series done by October.. so I’ll take a few perforated paper detours from my SALs to stitch these lovely little beaded to death ornaments :D)

my Longaberger basket has been really the best stitching companion these days.. I finally have what I’ve been looking for (stitchingwise speaking :)) for years.. something that really works for organizing things, and doesn’t’ come in crazy flashing highlighted colours.. 😀

as for Madame, we agreed on going to the Villa the day after tomorrow (wednesday is Ferragosto, national holiday in Italy) – I checked, the Villa IS actually opened 😀

in the morning, possibly tomorrow, we’ll have a lovely bicycle ride, so that I can show her (read you) where I live.. and if I manage to convince her to stay a few more days I might take her nowhere less then The Sinking City.. 😀

– – –

so if I haven’t been stitching much, what did I do? I didn’t feel too good, so I layed in bed and watched movies, A LOT of movies.. and really good ones too! 😀

this is my way of reviewing things, saying they’re good.. nothing else. it’s fast, it saves time and most of all it’s SPOILER FREE!! 😀

so here is a list of really good things you might like.. have fun people! and don’t worry, tomorrow’s morning lights will bring decent pictures.. 😀

Super 8 directed by the amazing J.J. Abrams (2011)

21 Jump Street by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (2012)

The Pirates! Band of Misfits by Peter Lord and Jeff Newitt (2012)

I actually liked them so much I watched them twice, all of them! 😀

last but not least.. goodbye Mr. Rambaldi, thank you for being a great Italian dreamer, who made the world dream together with him.. thank you.


12 thoughts on “the weekend and the movies

  1. I LOVE Super 8!!!

    By the way, Italy’s rhythmic gymnastics team was ROBBED!! I know they won a bronze medal, but it should have been at least a silver, I think!


  2. I love your stitching bag. My projects and magazine are all kept in cardboard nappies boxes! They are a good size, made of solid cardboard and have handles in the sides LOL. They just need covering in pretty paper now.


    1. thank you all for the nice comments! 😀
      I find this solution just what I needed.. so thumbs up to Edgar for having this great idea and sharing it! 😀
      Joanne, I got some nice paper precisely for this! I’ll spend some time covering my floss totes as soon as I get the proper glue 😀


  3. I just found your blog and it is lovely! I love your current WIP and wish I were in on the SAL – the sampler looks great. I love Longaberger baskets too and have a ton of them because I used to sell them, years ago. You’ll really enjoy it!


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