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where did time go

I had all sorts of troubles this week, basically the load of crap you get in a month or so, make a juice of it and serve it daily for a week-time.. gosh!

it started on wednesday (when I was supposed to go to the villa, on Ferragosto.. nope, the car’s battery decided I should have stayed home instead), it went on with a heat wave from Sahara (WTF?!), and when I finally thought this was through I realized today it was Granny’s birthday!! (not that Granny’s 71st birthday is part of the crap.. the fact that I forgot it does..!!)

I promised her I’ll stitch something that will be both a birthday gift and a sorry-I-forgot-your-birthday-Granny gift.. 😀

on the other side, I feel super guilty because I haven’t been able to show you, nor Gracie, nor Madame’s anything for an entire week! gee!!

I’ll start making up to you RIGHT NOW by showing you a bit where I live, now I could have taken pics all the way from Granny’s to my place.. but they’d all look like these.. 🙂

this is the Riviera del Brenta.. the Brenta is the canal that cuts in two all the towns that grew up around it, so we basically have a lot of small bridges and trees growing on the rivers.. (a lot of coypus too, for they escaped from a testing lab years ago, taking over the rivers’ ecosystem..!)

Madame enjoyed the ride, and has been praised a lot by Granny, who loved all the pictures I’ve shown her from Arizona (more people drooling all over the book you sent me, Gracie.. :D)

since every time I said tomorrow I’m doing this, I’m going there something happened, I won’ say ANYTHING about tomorrow, but trust me I have plans 😀

I will also go back to daily posting, as (I forgot to mention this in the weekly crap recap – try saying this loud a few times.. :D) wordpress went nuts and wouldn’t show me the dashboard or anything.. it was one hell of a week.. 😉

looks like everything is fine now, so more updates are in order!

this is my August TUSAL report..

you can see a lot of 3 plies orts there.. they come from Mill Hill‘s Honey Pot, which is finally finished! 😀

I won’t add the backing felt until I have a few done (as I told you, I got the entire Autumn Harvest 2012 series, and I want to have it done in time for autumn ;)), also I took a look at the others, and I’ll attack the hardest one this week.. I really cannot stitch the coolest ones first, and find the most beaded one at the end, waiting for me like the last boss of the videogame.. 😀

I mean, for videogames it’s cool to work this way, with stitches on the other hand I prefer to tack the hardest part first, and get a smooth, cool, down-the-hill-like ending 😀

I’ve also been working on Patches of Life, but I’ll save pics for tomorrow, off getting more hermitting stitches on it! 😀

– – –

thank you all for coming even in these non-posting days..

and welcome new viewers from Réunion! bienvenu! 🙂


14 thoughts on “where did time go

    1. thank you!!
      I’m thinking about some tiny sachets with her initials and a few flowers.. stitched on a V&H linen band with silk floss and silk ribbon.. I sort of let the idea slip (without referring to gifting any) yesterday and she said they’d be lovely.. so.. 😀


  1. CHE MERAVIGLIA 🙂 🙂 🙂 Chiara, davvero un posto splendido!!!!! Ma qual’è casa tua?
    Auguroni alla tua nonna 😉 😉


    1. non ti preoccupare.. 🙂
      per evitare lo spam li approvo tutti singolarmente, per cui non appaiono mai subito subito.. ma non c’è problema.. succede di continuo anche a me! 😀


  2. E vabbè Chiara…..magari non sarà una di quelle villone in foto ma la propria casa è SEMPRE bella 😉 e poi il posto merita davvero!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. I am still trying to catch up on blog reading!! Honey pot is very pretty…that blue is my favorite color! The pictures around your place are BEAUTIFUL.


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