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look what I got in todays’ mail.. 🙂

called for GAST, GASS and 40ct. Lakeside Vintage Light Exemplar cut from ABC Stitch Therapy

called for fabric and threads for the Magic Garden Sampler SSAL I ordered back in July (anyone who wants to stitch this project as slowly as possible, you’re welcome to join Veronica and me! :D)

then I received the last batch from Sabine Rossi‘s creations..

more sheep for the flock, light blue bobbins buttons, birdhouse button and part of the berries satuoir
the funniest shepherd dog, grey cat button (how could I resist?!) and the rest of the berries satuoir
gingerbread man biscuit and pumpkin buttons, a diary and a lovely crochet bag

and look what I found for Madame! 😀

lovely crochet teapot handmade by Sabine

I’ll take more pics of the Riviera today, since they’ve been such a hit 😀

I also took a pic of the cake my sis Elena made for Granny, it involved a lot of chocolate, butter and sugar, and trust me.. it’s good, REALLY GOOD!! 😀

on the stitching front, I got a visit from the darn frog sunday evening (so hopefully this is part of last week’s bad stuff), and I had to frog ALL the right border on Patches of Life, due to an horrid miscounting..

now there are a few progress, but I really want to see it fixed before I take another picture.. so much for my hermitting weekend!

actually I had to dump the area (which luckily had no other stitches yet – I never wash hand dyed fibers) with water and iron it, in order to close the holes a bit.. as the frogged section wouldn’t have been covered by other stitches, and of course I could tell what happened from miles away! 😀

and speaking of water, weathermen informed us the Saharan heat wave will be replaced at the end of the week by what they called a “water bomb” ..yes, no joke. they called this a water bomb which is forming right now on the Atlantic ocean, basically a lake-size amount of water which will hit Europe starting friday, hopefully not in just one spot.. (there’s a reason why I call Venice The Sinking City, but I would never want it to happen overnight..!! :D)

– – –

thank you all for the nice comments, I promise I’ll take as many pics as possible before the water bomb splashes down us all 😀

welcome new viewers from Colombia!

bienvenidos! 🙂

see you around



10 thoughts on “ooops..

  1. ooooo nice stash you got there 🙂 I have got the magic garden chart but haven’t stashed it up yet
    love your wee sheep and that tea pot is adorable … looking forward to seeing the stitching and think you may need a pair of wellies for all that rain
    love mouse xxxxx


  2. I think your frogs hopped the pond and landed in my L*K Very Scary! I had one line of the verse done up to the last word, which didn’t line up where it should; I was off by ONE THREAD on the 3rd letter in! So out it all came last night – but I got it back in, correctly, and moved on 🙂 BAD FROGS 😦 Now, hopefully, you and I will both be frog-free for a bit!


    1. that’s too bad Karen.. it took me forever to catch up with the frogged part, I guess that having to do it twice really slowed down my already slow xxx 😀
      but a one thread miscounting.. that must have hurt so much..!!
      hopefully frog won’t come around for a while.. 🙂


  3. Hi Chiara! I’m glad I finally got caught up with your blog. I’ve been trying to email you, but I don’t think they’re getting through. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your comments, and how nice it is to know there are people abroad who are sympathetic and open-minded. Big hugs and kisses and stitchy love!


    1. thank you Sarah! 🙂
      I never got anything from you, how sad! are you sure the address you used is correct? it’s thegreytail at gmaildot com
      ..a lot of hugs and happy xxx to you too!! 😀
      (the last pics were amazing.. thank you so much for sharing them!)


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