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here comes the rain

this morning I woke up and for the first time in weeks I didn’t need a shower already! 😀

looks like the infamous water bomb is coming today, right on schedule! 😉

there’s only a light rain right now, and I took a break from Patches of Life to blog a little.. you know I never blog during weekends, but since I’ve been so busy lately (I posted something like once a week!) I guess it’s fine to post on sunday! 😉

first of all let me thank you all for the mice comments (funny typo I’m definitely keeping :D), mails and happy birthdays to Granny, I passed them on to her (and had quite a hard time explaining where they actually came from.. :D)

Gran has no idea how internet works, let alone blogs.. just the other day I had one of those useless conversations, trying to make her understand the TV decoder and the ADSL are NOT the same thing*.. 😀 poor Gran.. and it’s not an age factor, I mean.. she’s young.. but when it comes to tech stuff.. or remembering things.. or reading carefully.. trust me, she’s a real mess (just like her daughter – i.e. mom :D) ..let me entertain you with a few stories about the two ladies.. 😀

one time, after food shopping I went to see Granny.. she said she needed some stuff as well, so I begun writing down a list.. blah blah blah and I’ll need some dishwashing liquid” “which one Granny?” “the green one” – “really? now this definitely cuts down options.. doesn’t it?!” “(grumbling sounds) ok, THIS one!” – she shows me a big green bottle – “Granny.. that’s for floors..” “now THAT’S WHY it was good for nothing!! I wondered why it made no foam at all.. but I thought I should just keep on adding you know..!” [by that time she’d already used half of it, and yes, there was a 6 x 6” mop drawn on it]

and in Mom’s constant quest for her glasses, I remember one time it went on for months.. we found them in the freezer, under a pack of frozen beans.. 😀

she knows how to loose them so well  I sometimes tell her, out of exasperation, “YOU look for them yourself, You’re the one who lost them in the first place!” “how am I supposed to look for my glasses without them on uh?” (and I have to admit, she might have a point here.. :D)

– – –

enough of this nonsense, it could go on for days! 😀

you might have seen me stalking everyone for the little lovely Eve in the last couple of months.. well friday morning I received Eve’s Travelling Pattern!! 😀 thank you Kay!!

now the moment I saw this, I knew the fabric I’d use, as for the floss.. I spent a few blissful hours yesterday playing with threads and this is the result! 😉

Vaupel & Heilenbeck 28ct. linen band in three shades of green, WDW & Wisper of my own choice + intrigued sheep and dog 😀

I managed to do something else that’s pretty cool yesterday.. since I had all my had-dyed floss packs around me (and an empty floss box) I took the chance and decided to use that lovely craft paper I got a few weeks ago..

I used white glue with a few drops of water (so that it’d have been easier to apply), some Tilda craft paper (very soft to the touch, with small birds in the motifs), loads of Scotch invisible tape to reinforce the borders.. and after a few hours this is what I got.. 😀

this is a classic Yarntree cardboard floss tote, covered with Tilda craft paper
in the making pic, that’s why a bit of tape stands out 😀
on the left: GAST, GASS, some Wisper, V&H and others; on the right silks and WDW

so much satisfaction going on here, you can tell!! 😀

I’m definitely doing another box using the other craft paper roll.. the ones on the right are absolutely overcrowded and I’m going to need so many for the Country SAL.. 😀

I started a new Mill Hill ornament from the Autumn Series.. but I forgot to take a pic, same for Patches of Life.. plus I’m going to stitch on both today, so it makes more sense to take pics later on anyways.. 😀

however, I’ll add an update on the weird mini plant in a mini glasshouse.. I keep on watering it every 10 days for 2 minutes.. and it’s still alive!! 😀

no idea why the angle shows it in a Torre di Pisa-style.. 😀

– – –

thank you all for coming by, welcome new viewers from Romania!

bun venit!

there’ll be much visiting and taking pictures in the next days, as many traditional stuff happens here at the end of the month.. but I won’t spoil you the surprise! 🙂

enjoy the weekend, I think I’ll go grab a raincoat 😀

– – –

* yes, I know they might work together, causing some understandable confusion.. but no, her TV set and ADSL are not THAT kind.. 😀 still, when her decoder goes nuts, she blames the internet.. and all those devilries 😀


4 thoughts on “here comes the rain

  1. LOL! Love the stories about your mum and granny 🙂 Beautiful box you’ve made. All your threads are stored so nicely in it. Cute little mini glasshouse. Wish I had one of those. Where did you get yours from?



    1. thank you! 🙂
      I got this as a gift, but I googled it to see if it really worked and I found out there’s plenty out there.. who knew!
      search for “mini plant” or “pet tree”’ll see 😀


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