The Grey Tail

a few words

a lot of things happened since last week, and  finding the right words got even harder now that I’m beginning to precess them all.. so here are a few words, the only ones that seem to match the swirling blur that is my mind these days..

F is for the fire that burnt to the ground a lifetime of achievements and memories, F is for the friends I helped in this terrible time.. the aftermath is unbelievable, and I’m so filled with sorrow for them I can’t find any other word to express this..

F is for the funeral of a dear, great teacher, one of the most strong, joyful women I ever met.. she carried a lot of pain throughout her entire life with a nice, gentle smile, and a bright red lipstick..

F is for all the friends who cried for her loss, and will always remember her for the creative, inventive and funny person she was.. like when she stuffed a huge drum inside her already tight costume to play the scary bad wolf at school plays..

C is for the superdelicious cake my sis made on sunday, and the fact that we shared it with friends made it taste even better..

C is for my cat and his strength.. antibiotics always take some time to work, as for now he’s stable.. eats and goes out as usual, but the fact that he never got a cold in his 17 years long life, and the fact that now he seems to have a cardiovascular disease are not the best news ever..

C is for your lovely comments about my old pal not being so well, and those of you who thought the grey tailed was me.. you surely put a smile on my face.. 🙂

I promise, I do promise I’ll get back to you with some happier news, but as for now I thank you all again for the support..

I have a frightful amount of blog posts to catch up with, stitches to do, laundry, errands and all the usual crap so..

– – –

catch you later,

a big hug




7 thoughts on “a few words

  1. {{{hugs}}}, Chiara! What a terrible conglomeration of events, but it sounds like you still have good memories to cherish even through the loss. I hope Grey Tail can stay around for a long while!!


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