The Grey Tail


how wrong I was.. the old lad looked fine until late yesterday evening.. when he started getting dizzy, asking for food and refusing to eat, same with the water, then he felt sick and yellow stuff came out.. me getting more and more scared by the minute..

in the end my sis and I stayed up until night, sitting next to him, ready to say goodbye.. we took a little nap at some point because as long as he was napping, there was pretty much anything we could do in the middle of the night (the only H24 pet clinic is too far for taking him – he hates to drive and looked so bad I didn’t have the guts to drag him into the car for an hour long ride)

when I woke up at 5, went downstairs to check, still breathing..

two hours late, still breathing..

eventually at 9:30 I was getting ready to go to the vet and he started vomiting again.. so we rushed to it, had to wait an hour (WTF) ..the poor fellow so pissed off he got in a tantrum even before we started anything on him.. blood and urine tests, heart check up and other insides ultrasonography (in another clinic, because we needed help from other vets – I told you it’s a wild one.. – and even so 4 adults were unable to hold him still) ..he ended up almost suffocating, and at the end of this it was impossible to take enough with one shot, they had to use two.. gee he’s tough..

now I’m off for the IV therapy and will pick him up later this evening..

gosh what a day.. and it’s only 14:36!

– – –

thank you so much for your support and nice comments..

I’ll keep you posted



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